Buried Treasure: Massive Lottery Win in India!

One of the biggest wins to cross the channel of the Indian Ocean from the internet to the home of Mr. B Rathnakaran Pillai, was when the 66-year-old man won the lottery which landed him in the spotlight of national headlines across India. However, it wasn’t the luck of the first incidents to gain Mr. B Rathnakaran Pillai the attention of the media but rather the luck of the man as a whole and the story remains as one of the best tales in all of India, except this is no tale but rather an incredible turn of the wheel of fortune and this is how the story played out.

Buried Treasure Massive Lottery Win in India Element 01 - CasinoTopMr. B Rathnakaran Pillai was well known in his community as a happy helper who was always available and made his living as a saw-mill worker in the southwestern part of India. Through his years of being a loyal and upstanding citizen, the hard worker that was and still is Mr. B Rathnakaran Pillai was finally rewarded through a turn of fate that that by most is believed to have been a blessing for his years of community service and dedication to both his family as well as his position in his workplace.

Kilanoor, located in southwest India, in a small area of Kerala there is a smallholding that belongs to Mr. B Rathnakaran Pillai. This land was acquired by the 66-year-old hard worker when Pillai himself unlocked an incredible miracle in the form of lucky numbers. As the man himself describes the event, it went about on a warm and welcoming evening, the evening Mr. B Rathnakaran Pillai chose to play the local lottery and the same night he won the lottery earning himself an impressive total of Rs 6 crore ($842,000). This was the exact moment Mr. Pillai knew what he had to do with the money. Thanks to green fingers and a passion for growth, Mr. Pillai managed to create an incredible labyrinth of vegetables and greenery, the exact feeding ground that would lead him to his next massive lottery win, only this time no numbers were needed.

The Soil Reaps Golden Rewards for the Lucky

Not many would imagine that the soil could really reap rewards equivalent to that of a jackpot, but once again, as luck would have it, Mr. Pillai was in for a well-rewarded treat after reaping what he had sowed in his Indian homeland soil.
Buried treasure is what some have referred to the magnificent discovery that has added fame to Mr. B Rathnakaran Pillai’s treasure, as the loyal and dedicated soil farmer found his share of an equivalent jackpot win to that of any progressive jackpot payout.

During the season when the soil was ripe and good enough for turning, the land that is near the Hindu temple located in Kerala, held buried treasure that no man could have ever dreamed to uncover, except for one man, Mr. Pillai himself. It was here that when the vegetable farmer began to turn the soil that he discovered a literal pot of gold.
Unlike any story ever told, this lucky man had made it rich once again by, and in his words, unearthing a pot of copper coins. It was the sweet sound of a spade hitting something substantially hard and just before he was about to call for help, Mr. Pillai decided to explore the massive buried trove by digging around what appeared to be a buried chest. Upon closer inspection, the surprised 66-year-old vegetable farmer discovered he had unearthed an impressive total of 40 pounds of coins in weight and decided to do the right thing once again and contacted the authorities. This is a requirement when any antique or object of value is found on one’s property.

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The Outcome of the Mysterious Treasure

In an interesting turn of events, Mr. Pillai had discovered just over 2500 coins and what’s more is that the coins seem to have belonged to an ancient kingdom known as Travancore. This was a ruling kingdom in Kerala hundreds of years ago and the lost treasure only proves the kingdom truly existing.

The History of the Ancient Coins

Buried Treasure Massive Lottery Win in India Element 02 - CasinoTopThe coins are said to have dated as far back as the 19th century and brought up the question as to why the coins were ever buried in the first place.
It is believed that an ancient healer would have hidden the treasure as, according to history, the healer’s house was once located on the area of land now owned by Mr. Pillai. The healer could have saved the treasure for a time in need as the time period was one of war and conflict against the British. This is all speculation of course and only one thing remains a certainty, these coins hold much more than monetary value, they hold the history of Kerala in the form of gold and silver.

The coins, which were commonly referred to as ‘chuckrams’ turned out to be of 4 different values, some even created of both gold and silver.
Being a historical find and one of significant value, the uncovered treasure has been capturing the attention of readers and seems to have brought the ancient history of Kerala back to life and it makes one think that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has finally been found!

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