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Claiming an online casino bonus can drastically increase the amount of funds with which you have to play, and you may even be given a number of free spins into the bargain. With the additional playing funds and extra spins, you instantly improve your chances of winning – by the simple logic that the more money you have available for spinning, the more times you could potentially land the big prize.

The welcome offers given by online casinos in India mean that your playing funds are not entirely supported by your own deposits. So, while you will have to make a modest or a massive deposit (that’s up to your personal preferences), what you end up being able to wager on slots, live casino or table games will be so much more with what the casino adds on top.

So, how do you go about finding the best casino bonuses? Have no fear – that’s where Casino Top saves the day by collecting all the greatest bonuses in one place. Here, you’ll find all of the best bonuses available to players based in India. Let’s discuss what type of bonus would be best for you while factoring in how much you would like to deposit.

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The best new online casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are not a one size fits all deal. Some will appeal more to players who like to deposit a relatively small amount, while others will be fantastic for high rollers who like to go all in. We’d advise that those who want to dip their toe with smaller deposits would be best served by opting for a high percentage bonus. On the other hand, high rollers should instead take a lower percentage bonus with a larger maximum total. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:

Say a casino gives you two options, whereby you can pick one or the other. Risk-averse players would be wise to go for a bonus along the lines of 500% up to ₹500 – meaning if you deposit ₹100, you’ll then be able to play with ₹600 in total (the deposit plus your bonus). Players on the richer side of town would be more likely to go for a 100% up to ₹5,000 deal – so, if you deposit ₹5,000, you will soon be spinning with ₹10,000 (again, this is your deposit plus the bonus).
Exclusive casino bonuses for Indian players
While most casino bonuses are available to every new player from India, some of them are exclusive and require a bonus code in order to be activated. This is a casino’s way of keeping something a little bit more special for certain players that they highly value. And, as we’re obsessed with finding the best deals at Casino Top, you’ll find all the applicable bonus codes right here. Just enter the code whenever you’re making your first deposit. You’re welcome.

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