MasterCard Deposit Method with Casinos

Alongside Visa, MasterCard is India’s most commonly payment card solution. Offered at a wide range of Indian banks, it is no wonder that so many Indian residents use MasterCard on a daily basis, as well as the card being available at hundreds of online casinos worldwide... Show More

MasterCard in brief

As mentioned, Visa is MasterCards only real competitor and most customers don’t see much distinction between the two, without going really in depth into what the different provisions that each card provider offers. MasterCard is offered at millions of shops, merchants and vendors, both online and offline on a global scale. What is important to note is that MasterCard is a carrier that supports a host of different local and diverse payment card brands. This means that your local bank may have its own payment card, however this card may essentially still be powered by MasterCard for instance. Therefore application of such a card may vary from bank to bank. Generally speaking though, filling out an application form, providing verification documentation and then waiting a number of business days to receive the card via post is generally the standard affair with attaining the card.

Key information for US players

Those residing in the US may have difficulties funding their online casino accounts with the use of MasterCard. This appears to be quite a common occurrence with many different payment cards in the US, due to banking regulations, and therefore it is likely recommended that US residents seek an alternative payment method when depositing funds into their casino accounts.

Why use MasterCard

MasterCard makes it very easy to top up your casino balance, especially considering the incredibly wide range of online casinos that happily accept it as a valid payment method. Making a deposit is also a very easy step-by-step process guided through the casino’s ‘deposit page‘’ Customers using MasterCard also have the added comfort of being able to rely on one of the biggest payment card providers in the world. These benefits come with along with strong and diligent support and anti-fraud teams dedicated to keeping your payments safe and secure.

What are the drawbacks of MasterCard?

Once you have managed to attain a MasterCard, there is not much to say against it. Some have noted that Visa is a more widely accepted payment card across vendors, but this is certainly becoming less and less apparent with the huge success and growth that MasterCard has garnered. Where the issue lies is with the initial application process, which can be tedious, time consuming and may require additional verification documentation that other payment services, such as E-wallets, make much easier. This is also coupled with the fact that most online casinos do not accept MasterCard as a valid withdrawal method for any funds you may wish to cash out.