QIWI Deposit Method for Casinos

QIWI is a Russian based that provides payment options at several casinos, as well as other outlets. Their branching into the Indian market has made a strong headway with now over a thousand outlets providing QIWI services in India alone. Initially setting up their services in India back in 2011, QIWI has come a long way into providing a multitude of payment solutions in the region... Show More

Acquiring a QIWI Virtual Visa Card

The Virtual Visa card option QIWI is currently exclusive for those residing within Russia and requires submitting a registration form, where the virtual card is then sent via SMS. Currently the option does not appear to be available to those residing in India, but hopefully QIWI will provide further services with their expansion in the Indian market.

Deposits with QIWI

In India QIWI provides payment options for a wide variety of services and utilities. The great thing about QIWI in India is that it can be used to both pay for your water and electricity bills, as well as your gaming enjoyment. The E-wallet platform allows to manage your funds and make payments from one secure service.

Why use QIWI?

E-wallets have become the norm for many a casino player, due to the speed and ease in which to make deposits and withdrawals. The verification processes usually are handled upon account creation, making passing that trial a relatively easy procedure for the benefits that come thereafter. Through QIWI’s franchising, the payment solution has now become an internationally accepted payment method with partnerships in China, Brazil, the US and, of course, India. This wide rate acceptance coupled with which the additional utility services QIWI provides Indian residents makes it a very strong contender as a suitable payment solution.

What are the drawbacks of QIWI?

As QIWI has not fully extended its full range of services to regions outside of Russia, there are other payment providers out there that may be stronger candidates for Indian players, especially with the inability to acquire a Virtual Visa Card. It is also important to consider that India is not officially considered a part of the QIWI group, but rather is operated by franchising contracts. While this most likely won’t be a strong consideration for the average QIWI user, it is still something to keep in mind.