SafetyPay banking method for Indian Casinos

Playing at your favourite online casino can sometimes be risky because you never know if your payment solution is dependable and safe, that is why countless of online casinos are now accepting deposits by SafetyPay. This payment solution not only allows you to deposit funds in your account, but gives you peace of mind as well, since there are zero-risks involved. What’s more, this solution also allows players to enjoy all their much-loved online games on the go. For those of you who did not know, you can now use SafetyPay to receive payments and use it as a way to bank in times when you can’t use or don’t want to employ your personal bank account. What makes this payment solution even more attractive is the fact that you don’t have to link any credit card details to this payment method in order to reap all the benefits from SafetyPay... Show More

SafetyPay Products

Players and online casinos will be excited to learn that SafetyPay has six unique products that ensure that funds are always safe and secure. By using SaftyBanking you can now move funds across 100 banks over the globe and credit your online casino account. Furthermore, you can move funds from additional accounts and create instant payments. With SafetyPay you can now bank your cash from several locations all over the world, whilst SafetyPay Billing allows entities and merchants to take, administer and settle payments. Moreover, the distributing service, Safety Payout, allows online casinos to pay commissions and issue refunds where the Sales Portal of SafetyPay allows companies to project instructions of payment to clientele via SMS or Email. Lastly, the Sales Recovery product allows merchants to retrieve failed sales.

Safe Method to Transfer Money

SafetyPay is the perfect solution if you are looking for a safe payment solution in this millennium and caters not only for your credit card requirements but your cash needs to. Now merchants and consumers can be protected from identity theft and fraud. But how does SafetyPay present clientele with these security measures? One of the first things to take into account is the fact that SafetyPay never looks, gathers or saves information about your finances. This alone eradicates opportunities for fraud and theft to take place. Players using SafetyPay can only login to their own bank’s protected page and the purchase can only be finalized by using the payment code presented by SafetyPay. Remember that SafetyPay will not SMS you and request your financial info when you are not logged into the bank’s protected webpage.

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If you are a merchant that wants to retrieve funds from debit or credit cards or an individual that wants to buy a product online, or even an online casino player in search of the safest way to make cash, then SafetyPay may be the way to go. From deposits into your player account to withdraw winnings from online casino sites; SafetyPay could be your best bet.

Safe Transactions online

When using SafetyPay, you can rest assured that your personal info is safe; you can only gain access to banking data when you have logged into your own banking account. No matter what your location is, you can now buy goods from all over the globe using your local currency with SafetyPay. For those of you who feel uncomfortable to use your cash, bank cards or credit cards, especially when you are travelling can now use SafetyPay. This is the perfect payment solution to conclude online as well as face-to-face transactions seamlessly. SafetyPay is the best banking method for individuals and merchants since you do not need to have a separate account and still have the opportunity to benefit in all their products. You can rest assured that at the end of the day that customer safety and security is their number one priority and that your data and money are secured.