Trustly Deposit Method for Casinos

Rated as one of the fastest growing European companies in The Financial Times of 2017 and 2018, Trustly has become a giant financial institution primarily focused on the Scandinavian markets of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and also extending its services to Spain. Trustly has become a widely accepted deposit method for online casinos, due to its vast popularity and customer base... Show More

Trustly in Brief

Trustly works together with supported banks and provides the benefit of allowing its users to make online bank transactions without the potential dangers of sharing personal payment information across the internet. The sophisticated integration Trustly has with its supported banks ensures that payments are made instantly and without the need for additional verification or other supplementary limits.

Trustly Availability

Trustly primarily caters to the above mentioned Scandinavinan countries, along with Spain, which unfortunately means its availability is highly limited to banks within those regions, at least for the time being.

Deposits with Trustly

After finding a casino that supports Trustly as a payment method, usually advertised on the casino’s deposit page, you will simply need to state your country of residence. From here you will be instantly directed to your applicable bank’s secure payment page where you will then be asked to input your relevant transactional information, which is secured and separated from the casino’s own deposit page.

Why use Trustly?

The ability to make quick and easy online bank transfers to a variety of online casinos is something that is highly regarded with players, as traditionally bank transfers have been known to take several working days to process.

What are the drawbacks of Trustly?

Regrettably, Trustly’s services are exclusive to the aforementioned regions and therefore are not applicable for those residing in India. Therefore contact your local bank for more information on any features they may provide that is similar to Trustly’s services. Additionally, those who do use Trustly as a deposit method for online casinos will still be required to use the conventional methods when it comes to requesting withdrawals. This would mean requesting a bank transfer, which may take a few days to process. Alternatively, an E-wallet may provide a suitable alternative in this regard.