€100K Jackpot - Divine Fortune Strikes Again

Ever gone to sleep and woke up to think you may have won the jackpot - but weren’t quite sure whether you were dreaming or not? Well here’s a story for you as one player from Helsinki in Finland recently woke up and hit a jackpot of €100,000+ on one of the most mythical of slots, Divine Fortune.

We imagine he was roaming the ancient cities of Greece collecting gold coins before waking up to some real-life fortune! This player woke up one cold Monday morning and decided to deposit €200 taking to Divine Fortune where he decided to place his bets. After only a short eight minutes playing this online slot, a true divine act appeared as he triggered the jackpot bonus game, changing this Finnish players life forever.

As the gold coins started rolling onto the reels, this player couldn’t believe his luck when they continued streaming in only stopping when the jackpot was reached. With a screen stacked high with shiny gold coins, the penny (or coin so to speak) finally dropped! This player realized he had hit a jackpot of €100K in only eight minutes flat!

Would you believe, this very rich man, whose favourite game is clearly quite divine and prosperous, is actually not the first to hit the jackpot on Divine Fortune? Another player recently hit an even bigger jackpot cash prize of €167,000 not that long before this most recent win. This European player had only just created an account before spinning the wheels turning his very first winnings into the incredible jackpot prize in under one hour.

Our thoughts? This is one slot you don’t want to miss out on playing since there are countless stories like this and we’d hate for you to miss out on a chance of being the next jackpot winner. So tomorrow morning whilst you are preparing your breakfast of idlis or dosas, remember to check out the Divine Fortune slot as they seem to payout those jackpot prizes in the morning, if this recent win is anything to go by.

From all of us at CasinoTop, we wish you the best Grecian luck!

Advika Kochar Photo Advika Kochar

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