India Accuses Chinese Operators of Cheating

It is a known fact that China is struggling with its own wave of illegal gambling within its borders. That being said, it seems as though the criminals have become inventive and decided to take their dealings to other vulnerable countries. One such country seems to be India.

Illegal Operations Uncovered

Hyderabad police have confirmed that charges have been brought against an illegal operation in India. The group of 22 Consisting of 8 Chinese and 14 Indians were arrested for running an illegal online gambling establishment. This bust took place in August 2020. The operation was being run under the banner of a Beijing T Power Company, which according to investigations, have allegedly swindled Rs2,000 crore, which when converted to dollars is $272,000, from unsuspecting Indians during this operation. Since investigations are still underway, it is still unclear how many more charges will be brought against this group. Presently, there are three charges for cheating, circulation of money and organized betting.

Other Possible Charges

There has been some evidence pointing to more money circulation charges being added to the list since sums of money were exchanged between certain members of the group, for bringing in new Indian business. Besides these charges it has become clear that the team had doctored the machines to cheat their patriots out of their fair share. They manipulated the system, to allow the customers to only be able to win 30% of the games, giving the company a 70% gain on all of the proceeds.


In August, when these arrests took place, there was a hint of possible espionage in the air.It was believed that the Chinese operator, Beijing T Power may have been providing China with Indian customers’ data to assist the Chinese military in organising skirmishes at the border. This came to light when Yah Hao, a Chinese national, along with 3 Indian executives for the company were arrested causing issues between these two Powers.

More Illegal Activities by Chinese Operators

This was not an isolated case of illegal activity by the Chinese within India’s borders. A while later, in the same month, another operation was discovered. Several bank accounts were opened by Chinese citizens, where collectively $6 million in funds were deposited, then closed again. Authorities found this pattern strange and realised that these accounts were linked to Chinese online operators, who used Indian directors to legalise the process, but were still using these accounts to circulate money illegally.
Authorities in India will be taking a stand against any other countries who feel that India can be used to manipulate the system.

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