India Announces New SBC Digital Event

SBC organises events and conferences that provide virtual and interactive exhibitions at trade-shows, and casino summits and betting on sports events for networkers are just a few events that they have managed to successfully pull off. The company hosts many such seminars for all international companies on a global scale.

The Partnership

The teaming up of SBC and Taj Rummy to host the conference that will take place on the 20-21st of January 2021, will become an annual event. This event will be beneficial to operators, developers and any groups who share a keen interest in the Indian fantasy sports, skill games and sports betting arenas. This conference will be jam-packed with information, networking and sharing of quality content. One of the most important aspects of this gathering is sure to be the sharing of knowledge about products from all around the world. The conference which has already captured the interest of the domestic market will be sponsored by Taj Rummy for its very first event.

What Is on the Agenda

On the first day, the main point up for discussion will be around India and the relationship they have with other established sports and gambling companies. The challenges that India will encounter as it attempts to legalise and establish the sports betting aspect of the industry. Also up for discussion will be how India with its huge fantasy sports market intends to gain a further foothold not only in the gambling industry but in fact in the country. Day two will be used to dissect the laws and regulations regarding brick and mortar casinos, as well as exploring the role and possible opportunities which exist for rummy and poker operators in the industry. Lastly, the group will be looking at India’s innovative fintech and tech contributions to the gambling sector.

The Speakers

There will be 75 plus speakers and executives, who will each bring their knowledge and expertise to the table regarding the best way forward from the legal to the technological sides of the industry. Sharing much needed and invaluable information with each other, PariekshitMaadishetti the founder of Taj Rummy will also be a speaker at the event. He said that his company is elated at the opportunity to have hosted such an event, where all the professional market leaders and products can be showcased and shared with everyone, who share a common interest.

SBC CEO Rasmus Sojmark said that India's potential is unexplored and is bound to bring its own spice into the industry, with all its unique challenges. Once all these have been bridged, the Indian market will be booming.

Advika Kochar Photo Advika Kochar

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