Indian Lottery: Local Resident Wins Rs 12 Crore

A father of three, Parunnan Rajanwho felt as though he was not going to be able to pay for his daughter’s studies, stopped at Payyan Agencies Koothuparamba in Kerala and bought a Christmas-New Year bumper lottery ticket. He was en-route to the bank, to apply for a loan, to repay another loan from before. The thought of having to apply for this loan was weighing so heavy on his mind, that he decided to just stop by the agency and try his luck. He was all too familiar with the struggle to survive until his luck changed.

Surprise of a Lifetime

The winning ticket number ST 269609, was announced the Monday after the draw, and to Rajan’s surprise, he was the lucky winner of the first prize, a decent sum of Rs 12 crore. The money that Rajan, a rubber tapper, from the Puralimala Kurichia colony, won was going to change his and his family's lives for good. The 55-year-old man would be Rs 7.2 crore, richer after taxes are deducted and the agency where the ticket was bought, gets its percentage of the winnings.

Father’s Duty

Due to Indian culture, the father of the bride needs to pay for the wedding so when Rajan’s eldest daughter decided to get married, it took the bulk of the three prior loans, which meant that he could not complete the repairs he had started on his house. Rajan said that he kept the purchase of the ticket a secret since he firstly paid way more than the usual amount for it and also because his wife Rajani, always fought with him when he bought lottery tickets since she believed that it was a waste of money. He was fearful of checking his ticket, he says, since he had bought it about 20 days before the draw.

The Future is Brighter

When Rajan heard that the winning ticket was bought at the same agency where he had purchased his, he decided to go and check what the winning number was, after which his life changed forever. The family is so happy and Rajan is overjoyed that he can now repay all of his loans, complete the repairs to his house and even pay for his youngest daughter, who is a plus-two student. He intends to also assist the needy in his community, as Rajan says he is well aware of how difficult life can be without money.

Advika Kochar Photo Advika Kochar

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