Indian Man Wins Big in Raffle Draw but Doesn’t Answer His Phone to Claim the Prize

Dubai is known for being one of the most prosperous cities in the world as well as being the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The city itself is known for attracting tourists from all corners of the globe to its beautiful cityscapes, such as the Dubai Miracle Garden, Palm Jumeirah, and the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa. With a city which possesses a culture driven by luxury and lavish lifestyles, there are a number of lotteries available for those who seek to live the way of the rich and powerful.

There was a case of one peculiar player who seemed to have no interest in claiming his winnings, and this was by no means a small amount, it was in fact 15 million Dirhams which wasn’t claimed.

Indian Man Wins Big in Raffle Draw but Doesn’t Answer His Phone to Claim the Prize element02 - CasinoTopThe Winner

Shojith Ks of Sharjah, India was the winner of the 15 million Dirham raffle which was broadcasted live on YouTube. According to officials of the Abu Dhabi Duty Free Big Ticket series, the tickets were purchased online by Shojith on April 1, nut the now multi-millionaire refuses to answer any phone calls.

Officials are in possession of Shojith’s residential address in Sharjah and are willing to travel all the way to India to deliver his winnings to him. This is in the event of him not answering the phone in the near future.

We’re sure that this is a lesson to all those who enter competitions, it’s never a bad idea to answer your phone.

Other Winners

There have been a few other Indian nationals who’ve managed to win big in the draw as well, such as Mangesh Mainde who won a beautiful BMW 220i. With eight other Indian citizens and one Pakistani national earning consolation prizes. This is fairly uncommon for the majority of the winners to be foreign to the nation hosting the raffle.

In 2018, another Indian citizen from Kerala, John Varughese won a whopping 12 million Dirhams in a raffle draw. Earlier the same year, another Keralite visiting the UAE had also one a raffle with the grand prize of 12 million Dirhams.

In October of 2017, a total of eight Indian nationals were among the 10 winners of one million Dirhams in a raffle draw.

Indian Man Wins Big in Raffle Draw but Doesn’t Answer His Phone to Claim the Prize element01 - CasinoTopWhat is a Raffle?

For those who are unfamiliar with what a raffle is, it is a competition held which players buy numbered tickets for a set fee. The ticket drawn at random which matches the ticket sold will, therefore, dictate who the winner of the competition is.

Tickets are usually linked to a variety of prizes such as cash, cars, and other household appliances and electronics. There are a number of other raffles which take place worldwide, usually to gather funds which would be donated to a cause. Meat raffles are common in pubs in Australia and New Zealand, whereas in the United Kingdom, raffles for alcoholic beverages are common.

Indian Man Wins Big in Raffle Draw but Doesn’t Answer His Phone to Claim the Prize element03 - CasinoTopCash Raffles

There are raffles which have prizes which are only a fraction of the earnings called cash raffles, with fifty percent of the earnings given to the winner of the raffle and the other fifty percent being pocketed by the organization hosting the raffle. These raffles are illegal in some regions.


Tombola is a raffle with roots in Southern Italy, this festive competition occurs around the advent and has prizes which are of symbolic value rather than monetary value. This game has since been exported around the 19th and 20th century following the huge Italian immigration and has taken various forms, and today it is even known as bingo.


Raffles are great value for money and it won’t cost much to participate; however, the prizes may be extremely valuable and if it’s cash, well, it may be a lot of money, either way, there’s no harm in participating in a raffle. Remember, the more tickets you buy, the greater are your chances of winning, so buy those tickets and don’t forget to answer your phone when it rings.

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