Indian Millennial is a New Big Lottery Ticket Winner

More often than not, we come across articles of young people winning insane amounts of money and when they’re asked about what they intend on doing with it, they plan on blowing it on cars, clothes, and other bad investments. However, a young man by the name of Mohammed Fayaz JA has big and smart plans to secure the financial future of both himself and his siblings.

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Aged 24, the Indian accountant has become a multi-millionaire in an instant, all due to his Big Ticket Dh12 million draw win. Purchasing the ticket online on September 30, Mohammed and his roommates have developed the smart habit of buying the ticket every month, and on his sixth time buying it, he won.

The ticket is planned on being split with his roommates, as per the agreement that they have, and they aren’t exactly sure how much each person will be receiving; however, they are going to be receiving a large sum of cash for sure.
Mohammed currently works as an accountant in Mumbai, India but he is originally from the coastal city of Mangalore, a city within the Indian state of Karnataka. With deceased parents, he only has an older sister, brother, and younger sister. He intends of providing for his siblings and ensuring that his youngest sister receives the education she deserves, as well as ensuring that his financial future is secure, as he is aware that he may not stumble across an opportunity like this again.

He is also well aware of the state of the Indian economy and plans to safeguard the value of his money by making smart investments.

Indian Millennial is a New Big Lottery Ticket Winner element02 - CasinoTopThe Big Ticket

As the name suggests, Big Ticket is the largest and most well-established monthly raffle draw. Prizes are ranged from luxury cars to large cash prizes. These tickets may only be purchased online or at the following places, Al Ain Duty Free, City Terminal Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi International Airport, this is due to the strict gambling laws in the region.

A live draw takes place at the arrivals entrance of the airport, and the cost of tickets are relatively cheap, at just Dh500. If you happen to purchase two tickets, you’ll receive a third free of charge, this is part of a buy-two-get-one-free promotion.

Another lucky individual happened to win the Big Ticket raffle a month prior to Mohammed, a Filipino national by the name of Marelie David became a multi-millionaire after winning the Dh 10 million draw, she is currently a resident of Dubai.

Indian Millennial is a New Big Lottery Ticket Winner element03 - CasinoTopWhat to do When Winning a Large Sum of Money

Protect your lottery ticket and plan accordingly – Most individuals take up to a year to claim their winnings and for a good reason, the last thing you want is to lose your mind with the endless possibilities of what you should do with the money.

Don’t quit your job in haste – Before making such a big decision, remember that you have a lot of financial planning to do, hence it is extremely important to contact professionals and have them advise you accordingly.
Change your Address and Number – Disappear, afterword gets out of your newfound wealth, you’ll be hearing from a lot of people with their hands out.

Be realistic – A few million sounds like a lot of money; however, after taxes and covering debts, you’ll soon find that you won’t have that much leftover, so don’t live beyond your means.


The lottery can be a wonderful thing, you’ll be able to afford the things you need to get by life comfortably and it may even provide you with enough money to do the things you’d like for a living without having to worry about bills and other expenses. It may bring happiness, but for those who run too far ahead, it may bring great sorrow, hence the importance of planning and safeguarding your funds. There’s nothing wrong with living a life of frugality in complete peace and solitude.

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