Looking back at the EGR 2019 Game of the Year’s biggest wins - Monopoly Live

The EGR Operator Awards are a yearly event taking place in London, celebrating various customer facing aspects maintained by the online gaming industry. 2019 saw Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live take the spot for “Game of the Year”, which was earned thanks to its innovative and impactful reception that took online casinos by storm with its massive successes since its release of February 2019.

What makes Monopoly Live truly unique is the hybrid nature of the game, where there are two separate stages that allows players to win big. First there is the live studio wheel of fortune styled segment of the game, which many may already be familiar with from Evolution’s other hit game Dreamcatcher. Essentially players can bet a stake and hope that the wheel lands on a great multiplier, but Monopoly Live differs in taking this one step further with certain ‘Chance’ and ‘Roll’ segments. While the ‘Chance’ segments offer up random conditions, such as additional multipliers on winnings, it is the ‘Roll’ segments that really spice things up.

Staking on a spin that happens to land on a ‘Roll’ segment takes players to the second segment of the game, which is a beautifully rendered 3D representation of a traditional UK version Monopoly board where a predesignated amount of rolls sees the Monopoly man traverse the board stacking up even more multipliers and other conditions depending on where he lands. Furthermore, just like a real game of Monopoly, doubles on the dice means going an extra turn.

Looking back at the EGR 2019 Game of the Year’s biggest wins - Monopoly Live Element 01 - CasinoTopThe Big Wins

It is this interactive section of the game that sees the most potential for players to really skyrocket their stakes into big wins. One player going by the username Marcel 1111 managed to turn his original stake of €1.50 (Approximately ₹120) into an incredible win of €1,110.50 (Approximately ₹88,930), which equates to a huge overall win multiplier of 2,221 times. The win was achieved by having the last roll of the dice land on the prestigious Mayfair square, which offers the highest multiplier in the game of 2,000 times. While this certainly doesn’t come close to the biggest wins seen on Monopoly Live, it certainly was an unprecedented markup from such a relatively low stake.

Another interesting facet that has been incorporated into the virtual representation of the board game is that of property. A player going by the name Apehehe managed to land on Regent Street with 4 houses on the square, netting him an awesome 500 times multiplier which skyrocketed his already considerable winnings of €2,100 (Approximately ₹16,8171) all the way up to an superb balance of €19,600 (Approximately ₹1,569,599). However, not all the rolls were finished at this point and lady luck has a wicked sense of humour, as the last roll landed on the infamous 20% tax square, which cut his winnings down to a still impressive final win of €17,955 (Approximately ₹1,437,865), which is definitely a remarkable payout from his original stake of €35 (Approximately ₹2,802), regardless of the unfortunate last roll.

The biggest win by far though, goes to a player aptly named Prodigy, who won an absolutely staggering amount of ₹6,493,257 from a stake made using Bitcoins that roughly equates to about ₹11,852 at the time of play. That’s a win of 549 times the original wager and was again achieved mainly thanks to landing on the ever sought after Mayfair square, giving a beautiful 500 times multiplier.

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