Lucky Welsh Woman wins £260,000 at Casumo Casino

A lucky sales assistant, from Swansea in Wales, won an amazing £259,937.92 after playing with a £4 spin bet on the video slot casino game, Wild Elements. The young woman had registered with the online casino only 4 months prior... talk about beginners luck!

How it Happened

The Welsh woman called Sadie, who is married with kids, was playing online at home when she hit the jackpot. She’d actually just popped into bed after the rest of the family went to bed, and decided to play online for a short while before going to sleep herself. She couldn’t believe her luck, and her husband was in complete bewilderment from his wife’s incredible win.

What She Loves About Casumo Casino

The winning jackpot game Wild Elements is exclusive to Casumo Casino players, and when asked what she liked about the Casumo Gambling Site, Sadie told them that she really liked the weird and unusual look of the site, and the name also appealed to her. She was impressed by the fast response times and needless to say, Casumo felt proud of her feedback!

Wild Elements the Game

Sadie also went on the say that her favourite game used to be Viking however now she was a died hard fan of Wild Elements and would continue playing the 7 reel exclusive jackpot slot to see if her success would continue in the future.

Here at CasinoTop, we’d like to wish Sadie and her family our congratulations and best of luck in the future

Advika Kochar Photo Advika Kochar

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