New player hits the jackpot in under 24 hours

Over at Rizk, we have seen countless incredible stories from ecstatic winners all over the world hitting the jackpot at their casino. They tend to brag about this from time to time - and why shouldn’t they? We want to hear about it so we can advise out Indian players on where the latest or greatest Big Wins have been seen so that the next time it’s you taking home the big cash prize!

24-hour jackpot winner

Now picture this, you sign up and open your first account at a great new casino - you’re already excited by the prospect of trying a whole bunch of new games and setting off on a new adventure. Well imagine doing that and within 24 hours you’ve hit the jackpot!? Well, this actually happened over at Rizk. This player went on to take home almost €50,000, that’s around USD$55,000 (a lot of rupees). We’re excited just thinking about the prospect of this happening to one of you.

The German player who hit this jackpot was one lucky guy and we want you to have some of his good fortunes too!

How he did it

This lucky account holder couldn’t believe his luck and all he did was open a Rizk account, made a deposit of a mere €10 and went on to play the game Pirate’s Plenty placing only €2 on each spin turning his €10 deposit into almost €50,000 in less than 24 hours just one month ago. We’re pretty sure this is going down as one of the most exciting days in history for Rizk, that is until hopefully one of you manage to hit an even bigger jackpot in the near future.

Advika Kochar Photo Advika Kochar

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