Player from Patiala Wins Rs 1.5 Crore in Lottery

How often do you sit and think about the endless possibilities of how your life may change if you happen to win the national lottery? Would you buy that enormous house on the hill or that fancy Mercedes-Benz you’ve had your eye on since its initial release? Either way, you know your life would become a lot more comfortable.

For 63-year-old Avtar Singh, our dreams have become his reality as he was the lucky winner of Rs 1.5-crore.

Dreams Came True

The lifelong resident of Patiala, a southeastern city in Punjab, which is in northwestern India, claims he has never thought of winning a prize of this magnitude. After unwillingly making the purchase of the ticket, he had no expectation of winning, for over 15 years of playing, he’d never won.

Player from Patiala Wins Rs 1.5 Crore in Lottery element02 - CasinoTopAfter submitting the necessary documents to receive the prize, Avtar has expressed what he has in store for the future. He is the winner of the Punjab State Rakhi Bumper, which is a lottery with the highest payout.

Future Plans

Avtar has claimed that the prize money will help him get his two sons financially settled in life, as well as being able to fix any financial problems which may have plagued him and his family over the years.

The money has certainly been a godsend for Avtar and his family, and officials of the Punjab Lottery Department have expressed their commitment of ensuring that Avtar Singh receives the money that is due to him.

About the Punjab State Lotteries Department

The Punjab State Lotteries Department was founded in 1968 as part of Punjab government’s finance department. Their primary objectives are to promote and conduct lottery schemes which are honest and legitimate to the public. They also actively discourage citizens of the state to avoid getting involved with illegal gambling activities.

The department also does its part in generating employment opportunities within the state, as well as taking full advantage of technological advancements made which, in turn, may create a safe environment to conduct and promote state lotteries in the region.

A percentage of the proceeds also go towards a state governed welfare program to aid those in need. This is a fantastic method of using extra funds.

Player from Patiala Wins Rs 1.5 Crore in Lottery element01 - CasinoTopWhat Can R.s 1.5-Crore get you?

R.s 1.5-Crore or 15,000,000 INR is a lot of money; however, how would one spend all of it? Below is a list of lavish items which could be bought with that amount.

A Small Island

A small “economy” option island located off the southeastern coast of Maine in the United States. This island, located in the Atlantic, will be a great buy for the next few hundred years until the oceans rise and claim the land.

Buy a New 250 Square-Foot Property in Paris

Player from Patiala Wins Rs 1.5 Crore in Lottery element03 - CasinoTopWith the ‘City of Love’ being a tourist hotspot, it would make sense to invest in the property market within the region. Opening an Airbnb and charging 7000 INR a night would be a great long-term investment, as well as a form of passive income.

Other properties within this price range include London, the Guatemalan beachfront, and the South of France.

A Lamborghini Urus

This top of the range, a sports utility vehicle is a terrible investment; however, it is blisteringly quick and boasts a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8, which could see you go from 0-100 km/h in a mere 3.6 seconds.

Other cars you could consider are the Bentley Continental GT, Tesla Roadster, Aston Martin DB11 Volante, and the ultra-luxurious Mercedes-Maybach S.

A Reservation with Virgin Galactic

R.s 1.5-Crore could secure your spot on the Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial passenger spaceship.


Winning the national lottery and becoming a multi-millionaire overnight is a dream that most of us have, and the only way to get there is to play the game. With the thought of being completely free of financial woes an enticing one, and with the jackpots constantly on the rise, we owe it to ourselves to give it a shot. Who knows, maybe you’re the next Avtar Singh?

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