Rizk Casino’s ₹800,000 Live Leaderboard

Rizk Casino India ipromises the best online casino experience. A part of providing a great experience also means treating your players well. This can be done by providing them with only the best in online casino bonuses, and Rizk Casino does just that. Currently, Rizk Casino is running a ₹800,000 Live Leaderboard Promotion. Keep reading to find out what it involves, as well as more information on other promotions.

₹800,000 Live Leaderboard

Rizk Casino India is running a promotion featuring a ₹800,000 leaderboard with 30 prizes up for grabs.The promotion campaigns from the 13:30 on the 22nd of July to 03:29 (IST) on the 29th of July and the three top prizes are as follows:

  1. ₹240,000
  2. ₹160,000
  3. ₹80,000

How to Enter

In order to take part in the leaderboard you need to play on any of the three selected live casino games. The live casino games are Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, and Dream Catcher.Every ₹1,600 you wager placed on these games awards you with one point on the leaderboard. However, you also have the opportunity to get up to 20 extra points by meeting certain requirements whilst playing each of the games. See the requirements below.

Crazy Time

Landing on Cash hunt or Coin flip awards you with 10 points while landing on Crazy Time or Pachinko awards you with 20 points.

Dream Catcher

Betting and winning on 20 awards you with 10 points, while betting and winning on 40 awards you with 20 points.

Monopoly Live

If you can access bonus games with 2 rolls you get 10 points.Do it with 4 rolls and you get 20 extra points.


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How to Win the Leaderboard

The 30 players who place the highest on the leaderboard will be the winners and receive a cash prize dependent on their position. In the case of a tie where 2+ players land on the same amount of points, the player who acquired the points first will claim the place. The live leaderboard will be updated on the Rizk Casino webpage daily by 20:30 (IST).

The cash prizes are real money and wager free.All cash prizes must be claimed within 7 days. After being claimed it will be added to your cash balance. This you can use as you please.

More Promotions from Rizk Casino

While the Live Leaderboard is the biggest promotion that Rizk is running at the moment, there are some other promotions on offer throughout the year. One of these is its game of the week offer, which allows players to level up. This week’s game of the week is Starz Megaways Double Speed. This promotion offers players double points when they bet on Starz Megaways, which will allow them to move up levels in the casino. The promotion is valid until 03:29 (IST) on the 27th of July. This promotion has no wagering requirements and there is no limit on winnings. Every week the game changes, however, fundamentally the promotion remains the same.In addition, the casino also offers a very generous welcome bonus plus a live casino welcome offer.

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