A Full Guide to Video Slots

So what’s all the fuss about video slots? Why are they so popular in India and indeed around the world? This type of slot game has become by far the most popular game of choice, and indeed make up the majority of games at your online casinos. Here at Casino Top, we’d like to give you a complete rundown on all you need to know about them, and even give you the chance to play them in practise mode before you dip into your own pocket and play them for real! In addition to that, we’ll also give you a full review of each one so you’re completely in the know about how to play and win at these great slot games.

The variety and range of video slots is vast, in fact, there are thousands of them, and here at CasinoTop, we are proud to be able to offer Indian players the largest selections of top quality video slots all under one roof. Due to the enormous amount, we’ve tried to make it a bit easier for you to select exactly what you’re after by giving you filters on the number of pay lines, bonuses and wilds, does it offers free spins and what is the maximum coin size is.

If you’re still a little unsure about them, then read on. We aim to arm you with as much information as possible, so you can head off into the world of video slots and feel confident about how to play them like an expert.

Video Slots Animation | CasinoTop India
What defines a video slot?

A video slot is a variation on the theme of the original slot machine, that most of us Indians are so familiar with. The main differences are that these games are interactive and animated which makes them even more fun and exciting The software providers are continually coming up with the most unique themes, bonus rounds and graphics to make your experience memorable, in comparison to the more basic reels and symbols of the classic slot machines.

Another feature of video slots is that there are literally thousands of ways to win. With the original slot machines, you get approximately 3 - 5 reels to win on, now the paylines have increased and your possibilities are endless.

How do these slots actually work?

To begin with, it’s worth remembering that like all slot games, video slots are purely based on chance. It makes no difference how much money you bet, or for how long you play. Every spin generates a random number and so with each spin, you never know what the result will be.

The important thing is making the choice of video slot that’s right for you. There are so many themes and features and so taking the time to try them out before you actually start betting, is a good idea. They’re not difficult to get your head around, but the more research you do, the better and more tailor-made for you, the games will be. You’ll find a guide on each slot which will give you a good understanding of what to expect from it.

Here are some buzz words to look out for:

  • Spin - set the reels in motion
  • Auto Play - set up ‘Auto Play’ and you can let the reels spin by themselves, you just have to choose how many spins you want to play
  • Max Bet - an automatic setting of the most amount you can bet
  • Help/View Paylines/Info - extra details you may need
  • Number of Paylines - how many combinations you want to play to win the game

What bonus features can you expect?

The most enjoyable thing about video slots is the fact that they have many features and bonuses. People love the added excitement of being able to increase their chances of winning in a number of different ways. The variety of bonuses really create many great opportunities, like bonus game-rounds which you’ll find on the reels, where you get more bonus spins to improve your chances of winning. There’s also Pick and Click, Jackpot Games, Spin Wheels and Expanding Wilds which are all forms of bonus features to look out when playing video slots.

It’s easy to activate a bonus, the most common way is to get 3 or more ‘Scatters’ on the reels. You may have Scatter symbols as well as Bonus Symbols on a game, the Scatters entitles you to Free Spins and the Bonus activates a bonus round.

There is a new video slot feature which allows the player to follow a more ‘level’ based gameplay. It gives the feel of a video game where you have the ability to unlock new reels with different features.

Keep your eyes peeled on the ‘news’ section here at Casino Top, where you’ll be able to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest promotions and updates.

Casino Top has thousands of handpicked video slots for the Indian market, just waiting for you to sample right here for free.