Temple Employee Wins Onam Bumper Jackpot Lottery

For 24- year-old Temple employee Ananthu Vijayan, who worked as a clerk at the Temple, from Idukki district, a miracle happened when he won Rs12 crore, in the Kerala Government’s Onam bumper lottery. Just when it seemed as though the family could no longer cope, due to financial difficulties, Ananthu, tried his luck and bought lucky ticket number TB173964, last month. After the draw on Sunday, he realised that he had won and at first could not believe it, but after confirming it, he said that he was overjoyed, as the money came at a point when it was needed.

Circumstances at Home

Ananthu’s sister, who worked in an accounting firm, had lost her job, due to the pandemic and his father who is a painter, also had no jobs over the last couple of months. The most amazing part about him winning, he said was that he was chatting to a friend of his on Sunday morning and was telling him what a huge difference winning the bumper lottery would make for his family. When he received the call to notify him that he was the winner, Ananthu said he thought that someone was pulling his leg, but was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be the truth. Ananthu lives with his parents and sister and since lady luck has finally smiled on them, life will be so much better for the family from now onwards.

Plans With the Winnings

The Temple worker plans to buy a small house for his family closer to his workplace in Ernakulam and also wants to start a business with his dad, in this way making sure that the family is looked after. Ananthu, who is an avid lottery ticket buyer, once won Rs5,000, on the bumper lottery. The tickets cost Rs300. The second prize in the latest lottery was Rs1 crore and the runners up each got Rs 100 each, as the two tickets were purchased by six women who all work together at a self-help group.

Main Revenue Streams in the State

The lottery was shut down for over 3 months, during the pandemic and since it is one of the main sources of revenue in the state, brought along some challenges. The lottery industry brings in about Rs10,000 crore to Rs12,000 crore, annually. The second biggest stream of revenue is the liquor industry, valued in the region of Rs45,000crore, over the last 3 years.

Advika Kochar Photo Advika Kochar

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