Top Things Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

While casinos are all about fun and rewards, they’re still in the business of making money. Since you are risking your money while playing at a land-based or online casino, you need to be mindful of certain tactics the casino uses to get you to play more. But there are ways you can minimise your losses and enjoy a more exciting and rewarding gaming experience.

Remember that not all games are created equal

The house edge is an important aspect of what makes casinos successful. While the house always wins, there are games that have better odds than others. Slots may seem cheap and easy, but the house edge can be as high as 10%. If you’re looking for games with better odds, try blackjack, bingo or video poker.

Card counting isn’t illegal

Casinos hate card counting, but it is not illegal – if you’re doing it in your head, that is. While the casino will take action if they suspect players of card counting, even going so far as to ban you from the casino in extreme cases. That said, card counting takes a lot of concentration and brain power, and is only recommended to those with nerves of steel.

There are cameras everywhere

Security is very important at casinos and there are cameras everywhere. Every inch of the building is typically under surveillance at all times, with bigger casinos often having as many as 20 000 cameras! This helps protect the casino and players, so at least you know you are safe.

Except for private poker rooms

There is one place you won’t find cameras – the private poker rooms. Since these are usually designated for high rollers, poker rooms offer a more private experience, aware from the prying eyes of the casino security team.

Keno won’t make you any money

Despite the popularity of the game and the low betting requirements, experts will agree that you can’t make money playing Keno, so don’t bother. That said, if you’re just looking for a good time, then Keno will be the perfect choice.

Casinos manipulate players

While it’s easy to feel like the bee’s knees at a swanky casino, it is all meant to trick you. With all the perks and pampering provided at a casino, they’ve got you wrapped around their finger. All the sights and sounds experienced are meant to take advantage of human psychology. From great comps to attentive servers and attractive dealers, it can be hard to resist.

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