Jackpot Frenzy As New Slot Fugaso Airlines Drops Twice!

The game provider Fugaso released a new slot in May 2019 - Fugaso Airlines. Flying in high with some neat features and several different jackpots, this slot game packed a hearty landing for two of its new players as they both managed to bag one of the most progressive prize pots each!

Should you be unfamiliar with this online slot, we’re here to make sure you know all about it by explaining these wins, as well as giving you a quick tour of the game.

The Fugaso Airlines Slot Jackpot Wins

The Fugaso Airlines slot is one of many games that host their own in-game progressive jackpots. However, this very game might be part of a much smaller group of slots that has had two or more of their progressives drop so soon after the game launched!

That’s why we were intrigued to write about the story when Fugaso informed us that two lucky winners had bagged one of the three progressive prize pots each. This game also has features such as re-spins, multipliers and multiway pays.

The first of the two winners managed to spin the wheels and trigger the games Mini Jackpot, which paid out a decent C$42k (€28,773) prize in cash.

It didn’t take long for the next player to spin a win, when they, playing at a different casino, triggered the Midi Jackpot and thus made just short of C$42k (€28,240)!

Did Anyone Say ‘Maxi Jackpot’?

As you’ve most likely noticed by now, these two winners each caught some big cash-fish with just the Mini and Midi versions of the progressives, but the Maxi Jackpot is still going strong! Since these are progressive prize pots, they will continue to grow, and fall randomly in the game.

Would it be too bold of us to say that, if the two smaller ones fell so shortly after launch, shouldn’t it be your time to spin home the big one?

All You Need To Know About The Slot Game

If the Fugaso Airlines slot is new to you, you'll be happy to hear that this slot offers up to 3,125 ways to win over its 5 reels thanks to its Multiway mechanic. You’ll notice that the reels include blocking symbols that will be removed as you activate in-game features. Removing the blocks opens up for more ways to win, which is how you reach those 3,125 winning chances.

The three progressive jackpots are of course the main attraction, and they will drop randomly during gameplay, no bonus round needed. For the tech interested players, the slot comes with a medium levelled volatility and an RTP of 95.20%.

We think you should get ready for lift-off and give the game a go!

Audrey Molly Photo Audrey Molly

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