Largest Canadian Slot Machine Win

Canada has recently reported its largest ever jackpot win on a slot machine. Andy and Marlyne Dumoulin celebrated their big win in Kamloops at the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s (BCLC) headquarters on July 18th, 2019 where they received their collosal cheque.

Marlyne was actually the one responsible for pulling off the mega jackpot, while she and her husband were playing a slot machine at the Prince George’s Treasure Cove Casino on July 13th. The 2.1M win resulted from a mere CA$3 spin. The BC Lottery Corporation says Dumoulin's win is the largest ever Powerbucks progressive jackpot in Canadian History.

How it all happened

They explained how things transpired; Andy played the first spin and received a CA$300 jackpot. He received 3 free spins which he then offered his wife, one of the spins was the one that paid the big win! When the machine stopped on jackpot bonus it seemed to die. Within minutes the pair were surrounded by security guards and they were confused about what was going on. The light on the machine was on, but it wasn’t particularly obvious, no one would’ve known what was happening, except for the casino staff, who were very well aware of what had just happened.

There were people everywhere suddenly, and one man commented that he almost spat his coffee out when he heard that the machine they had been playing had hit the jackpot. Initially, Marlyne thought their payout was CA$2,100, but the casino staff advised her that there were quite a few more zeros involved! Marlyne said she didn't eat or sleep for the first two days after winning the prize, and because of her extreme excitement, she bit her fingernails down to the quicks!

Spending the Winnings!

Andy, who worked as a truck driver, who’s route was driving from Langley to Prince George, said he was planning to retire 10 months later anyway, but now that they were instant millionaires, they planned to do quite a bit of travelling. They’ve purchased a motorhome and have a road trip in the pipeline, but before that, they’ll be heading to Edmonton to have a family get together.

BCLC reminds us that when we play slots, there’s the chance of winning a progressive Powerbucks jackpot like Marlyne did. The progressive jackpot keeps accumulating, the more people play in Canadian jurisdictions, such as Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I. the more chance there is of the big jackpot paying out. The Crown mentioned how a portion of each slot machine bet goes towards the progressive jackpot kitty until it finally goes off, as it did for the Dumoulin's.

The vice-president of casino and community gaming, Brad Desmarais, said in a press release, how it was a thrilling occasion for Canadian players to celebrate the record-breaking Powerbucks jackpot going off in British Columbia. He also congratulated Marlyne on her CA$2.1M win at the Treasure Cove Casino in Prince George.

We at CasinoTop wish the Dumoulins all the very best in their future travels!

Audrey Molly Photo Audrey Molly

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