Danish Gambling Authority – Spillemyndigheden

Denmark was the first Scandinavian country to regulate its gambling market. While the other Nordic countries were holding on to their state monopoly model for all types of gambling, Denmark chose to include in their gambling licence, the online casinos based elsewhere in Europe. This was done to better regulate the industry, and make sure all casinos targeting the Danish market were following the same rules about fair play, responsible gambling and marketing. Another big part of the reasoning was taxes. Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority, is in fact overseen by the same authority that doubles up as the tax authority in Denmark. Coincidence? – we think not... Show More

Protection of players

That a country would want to be able to collect taxes from gaming companies, often based on a tax haven, is not surprising. Hundreds of millions of dollars often just disappear out of a country every year and that equates to quite an amount of collectible tax if the country in question has a licence agreement with the casinos. That is now the case with Denmark, and the taxman is kept happy whilst at the same time Spillemyndigheden can protect its Danish players. The protection of players is a top priority for the Danish Gambling Authority. This is why they have chosen to be very strict in allowing casinos into the Danish market, and why bonuses and marketing is something they only allow in moderation.

Danish Gambling Authority on AML

AML, or Anti Money Laundering, is something all casino operators, and those dealing with money transfers across borders, have to be careful about. The AML directive issued by the EU is not just about someone not reporting all their income to avoid taxes, but what it really is targeting, is the funnelling of money to terrorist organizations and funding other criminal networks around the world. This is something all casinos have to work actively at for all their markets, as it is an important aspect of all gambling licences, but for Danish players, there are some extra steps that have to be taken. For instance, a Danish player can't keep his or her money in a casino account for an unlimited amount of time. The normal rule for most countries is that if a casino account isn't touched in 5 years, the casino can give the money to whoever issued their licence, or alternatively to a charity. That means that, as a Canadian player, you can still get your money within 5 years. For Danish players the rules are different. A Danish player can't withdraw money they haven't played if the money was deposited more than 3 months before. This means they have to play with the money they actually deposit, and not use a casino account just to hold money. This is again to avoid tax fraud by "hiding" money at an online casino. For legitimate players, this isn't a problem, and this is something Spillemyndigheden is doing to prevent fraudsters.


Address: Spillemyndigheden - Englandsgade 25, 6. sal - 5000 Odense C. Denmark Phone: +45 72 38 79 13 Email: mail@spillemyndigheden.dk Website: www.spillemyndigheden.dk/en