Swedish Gambling Authority – Spelinspektionen

Until January 1st, 2019, Sweden was considered to be an unregulated market, as they didn't have a licence for online casinos based abroad. However, now things have changed, and the licence they offer is considered to be one of the very best. It is Spelinspektionen (Swedish gambling Authority) which is the regulatory authority in Sweden for all kinds of gambling with real money. In addition to the online casinos, they also regulate the land-based casinos owned by Svenska Spel, the state-owned gambling company who used to have the monopoly on all casino games in Sweden... Show More

A new licence in constant change

When Sweden first decided to regulate its gambling market to include online casinos operating from outside of Sweden, things changed fast. Actually, the rules for obtaining the licence wasn't even complete by the time casinos could start applying for it. This made it a bit hard for casino companies who wanted to apply, as an applicant had to show how they could be, and stay compliant with the new regulations, which at that time didn't even exist. Even now that the Swedish gambling licence has been active for a while, the rules aren't completely clear, and they also keep changing while Spelinspektionen tries to figure out how best to regulate the casino industry. They have issues, warnings and fines left right and centre, and implement new changes which take effect more or less immediately, not giving the casinos a lot of time to change their routines and systems. However, a lot of the new rules are similar to what other countries have to regulate their gambling market, and Sweden has, in a lot of cases, chosen to follow in the footsteps of both Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Spelinspektionen is cracking down on bonuses

For Swedish players, there have been big opportunities with the new licence. Sweden is not only a big gambling market but also home to some of the biggest gaming companies in the world, such as the organizations behind Betsson, Unibet, Mr. Green, LeoVegas, CherryCasino and more. Thus the Swedes have been used to getting a lot of bonus offers, as everyone wants to do well in their home country. Those times have now passed, and the Swedes can no longer be offered casino bonuses or take part in campaigns. They can still get a welcome offer, as long as it's not too large. The bonus should be an incentive to sign up to a new casino, but not to play for more money than what they can afford to lose. This is all in an effort to protect vulnerable players suffering from gambling addiction. Another aspect of these new marketing rules says that casinos and their affiliates cannot use certain language and words while promoting a casino and their offers. In addition, anti-money laundering and fair gameplay is, of course, something Spelinspektionen is focusing on a lot.


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