Lotto Max Winner Claims Massive Prize in Canada

September 8, 2020, will be etched in the minds of the winning couple from Timiskaming District, for the rest of their lives. The whole country waited in anticipation for the large draw, which had rolled over several times, the weeks preceding the draw. James Wickman, was hopeful, that he was the bearer of the winning ticket, when he heard on the radio, that the winning ticket had been purchased in his hometown. When he arrived home and checked it, he was overjoyed to share the good news with his wife Eerikka, who at first refused to believe him.

The Road Trip

Mr. Wickman, a retired gentleman, accompanied by about 22 extended family members, took to the road. It was an exciting 10-hour trip, which ended in Toronto, where Mr. Wickman received his prize. The ceremony was filled with many emotions as the family, the couple who are expecting their 12thgrand-child, realized that they would all be living a very different life, moving forward, because of the CA$65 million prize their relative had just won.

Back Home

According to the rules of the lottery, as implemented by the Crown corporation,the store where the winning ticket was bought, also gets a small percentage of the winnings. That means that the Canadian Tire Gas Bar on Front Street in Hearst will get a one-percent piece of the pie.

Ways To Verify That You Are A Winner

Mr. Wickman went home and used his OLG (Ontario, Lottery & Gaming) mobile app, to confirm that he was, in fact, the winner. Upon scanning the ticket, the App immediately sends a message of congratulations to the winning MAX Lotto ticket holder, confirming the win. Another step that Mr. Wickman took to be 100% certain of his win and also to prove it to his wife was to go through the verification process, which once again sent a message of Congratulations, making double sure that he was the winner.

Plans On How The Winner Will Spend The Money

Mr. Wickman and his wife plan to use some of the money to invest in a new house as well as a new vehicle. As for the rest, it will go to improving the lives of all their relatives, who joined them on their road trip. Mr. Wickman remembered that he had won a much smaller prize way back in 1972, then it was an amount of CAD$5000, not a bad prize, but nothing compared to the latest one.

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