LottoInteractive’s Star Match now available in ALC thanks to IWG Limited

Instant Win Gaming (IWG), an online instant-win games innovator from the UK, recently announced that they have signed a lucrative deal which will bring skill-based Star Match mobile title developed by LottoInteractive to the ALC (Atlantic Lottery Corporation). IWG Limited, based in London, detailed all the particular and important information regarding the deal and the gem-matching puzzle-style game during an official Wednesday press release which was held by the European Gaming Media and Events.

They discussed that Star Match would soon be available to the Canadian ALC – this can be done via the remote game server created which serves the purpose of giving aficionados an opportunity of a chance to win thousands of dollars in cash instantly, if luck is on their side. This news is certainly very exciting to those involved in the Canadian gambling industry and we believe it will be quite a great success.

Spreading across Canadian territories

IWG Limited shared that Star Match, which is playable on both Android and iOS devices, has recently also been made available to British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) in Canada thanks to a similar agreement being made in terms of integrations as that with the ALC and will challenge mobile gamers to test their luck by playing a game of chance where if you match up a trio or more of Hollywood icons, collect stars, points and bonuses – they may stand a chance to win big!

An on-going trend

It is particularly noteworthy that Star Match is now becoming available in further regions in Canada and may be the beginning of an on-going trend which is sure to be highly lucrative in the Canadian Gambling Industry. There is no doubt that fans will jump at the chance to play this crowd-favourite title, standing the chance to win big. The moves that IWG Limited and Star Match are making should be made note of, as we see this as the start of a new beginning and the first few of many steps that will be taken in solidifying their names and positions within the Canadian gambling industry.

A great deal of experience

IWG Limited’s Chief Executive Officer, Rhydian Fisher, discussed in a recent press release that they have declared their firm to be purposefully navigating throughout the North American lottery market for many years now and through this experience has learnt that by supplying gaming titles who have been created by a broad range of developers will offer great value to their lottery partners. The steps that IWG is taking as a company have been well-thought-out and are purposeful in terms of knowing where they are going and what their goal is – thus, we believe the steps they take from here are certainly ones of interest.

Quality content

In his statement, Fisher mentioned that they (IWG Limited) was pleased to now be partnered with LottoInteractive, who they have great faith in to bring in yet another gaming developer to the ALC content portfolio. He went on to discuss that similarly to how their games have become better and more evolved as their experience with North America, they have also taken this approach to aggregating content of pristine quality. He emphasized the importance of offering a wide selection of games brought to you by multiple gaming developers as they know that the most successful iLottery programs are the ones who follow this tactic – it is for this reason that they are seeking quality content providers.

Success in collaboration

The ALC’s Instant Games Marketing Manager, Merril Fullerton, described and discussed how IWG Limited is a tremendous partner who he believes has assisted his organization to achieve new heights in their overall sales by making use of an innovative and steady stream of different content several times throughout the month. He went on to say that IWG Limited’s access to LotoInteractive and other third-party providers provides ALC with great additional value and also shows their level of commitment to the success of their company.

New ventures

We believe that the recent relationships formed with IWG Limited, the ALC and LottoInteractive are certainly powerful ones sure to bring about lucrative income but also be the start of new ventures for all three companies involved.

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