Online Casinos with Manual Flushing

Canada enjoys a very wide selection of both regional and foreign online casinos, although sometimes too much choice can be daunting. To narrow down the selection, we recommend looking at casinos that allow for Manual Flushing. Simply put; giving players the option to lock in their withdrawal request, while it’s still pending... Show More
Here are some of our recommendations for casinos that allow Manual Flushing:

What is the “Pending Period” and why is Manual Flushing important?

So, imagine this; you score a skookum win and decide to play it safe by immediately cashing out, but you now see the transaction as “pending” or “on hold”. It takes some time for online casinos to process a withdrawal request. So, without a Manual Flushing option, there’s usually nothing to stop you from cancelling the request and potentially playing away your winnings. Most casinos offer the “Reverse Withdrawal” option, during this “Pending Period”, although Manual Flushing may not be so common.

What is “Reverse Withdrawal”?

As mentioned, the “Reverse Withdrawal” option is a very common feature for online casinos, but what is it for? Essentially, it gives the player the ability to cancel the withdrawal and return the funds to the casino balance, for continued game-play. This option might not be good for everyone though, as it can lead to overspending. If you are easily tempted, this might be something to avoid.

How does “Manual Flushing” work?

Well, you’ve probably already guessed we ain’t talking about the washroom here. In fact, Manual Flushing is a great start, in judging whether an online casino is really looking out for us Canucks. When you choose to commit your withdrawal to Manual Flushing, a vault is created and then sealed away under lock and key. You will have no access to the funds until it reaches your chosen withdrawal method. It's there to protect your money from further play and can be a powerful tool to get the most out of your winnings. Not bad eh?