Mega Moolah Changes The Life Of A Canadian Player With A C$20 Million Win

The progressive jackpot slot, Mega Moolah, from Microgaming is not one to shy away from really big prizes, and records, which is why it smashed yet another one earlier this year. The largest of three progressives on this online slot dropped on the 30th of January 2019 while hanging at a massive €13 million. Since the pot was won in Canadian dollars, the amount that showed on the winning screen was that of C$20m!

Mega Moolah Brings The Moolah

The slot has had a nice bunch of happy winners throughout the years, and this one marked the first win in 2019, the previous one having dropped in September 2018. And what a drop! The player, playing at Zodiac Casino, spun the spin of a lifetime that landed the massive C$20,059,287.27 into their casino account balance.

Broken Record, But No Guinness

We are in no way going to say that a C$20 million win is not a big feat, but it’s still a fair way off the record amount ever won on Mega Moolah. Since the amount won was in Canadian dollars and not Euros, the Euro equivalent is €13.3m, while the record amount still stands at €18.9 million which is roughly C$28 million, the Guinness world record still standing at being €17,879,645.12.

How can a lower amount still be the record, you might ask? Well, it still stands due to currency changes since the British sterling is weaker today than when the €17m was won back in 2015. There’s some trivia for you! That said, the amount, disregarding currency, is still a record! It’s also the 13th time the progressive jackpot falls in Canadian dollars, making it a “lucky thirteen” win!

The C$5.9m Jackpot Fell During Fall

Regardless of whether one is a believer of the power of 13 or not, on the 10th of August 2019 it was time for the 14th Canadian player to take home the life-changing prize pot. Fresh from the oven, in fact as we’re writing this, a player has just hit a neat C$5,954,437.97 win in the online slot game, resetting the jackpot to around €2.3 million.

What Does The Future Hold For Mega Moolah?

The slot is currently facing a bit of slower growth which is normal straight after a big win, still heading closer and closer to €2.5m. When it comes to foreseeing the future and when the next prize pot is going to drop, it’s simply not that easy, especially since anyone can hit any of the progressives in this slot, even while playing the minimum bet of C$0.25.

So, if you feel lucky and want to be the next Moolah winner, just head on over to our selection of online casinos, pick a Microgaming casino, and spin the reels! Play responsibly, and best of luck to you!

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