NetEnt Partners With LFS To Implement Anti-Fraud Measures

Casino game studio and casino solutions developer NetEnt has recently partnered with Live Fraud Solution, a company focused on protecting players and minimizing the risk of fraud, particularly during live dealer sessions.

NetEnt’s decision to sign a partnership with the fraud prevention specialist complements its push to boost its portfolio as it eyes up new international markets. Adding this extra layer of security will help NetEnt lower the inherent risk of online casino gambling and thus encourage a more favourable view of their products, especially when it comes to regulatory bodies.

Prioritising player safety

By their very nature, gambling activities involve an element of risk. That’s why people gamble in the first place. But while the built-in risk of a game of roulette or blackjack is part of the appeal, online casino operators need to keep in mind another sort of risk i.e. the threat of malicious actions aimed at defrauding players and businesses. That type of risk is one that operators are constantly seeking to combat.

The unparalleled growth of the online casino industry, both in terms of innovation and in revenue, means that online casino businesses and gamblers become increasingly tempting targets for fraudsters. In an industry so reliant on user trust and solid reputations, player protection is understandably a priority.

Live Fraud Solutions is a B2B service provider that specialises in fraud prevention during live casino games. Integrating LFS software will help NetEnt monitor how players interact with their live dealer games and spot potential fraud attempts in time to stop them.

NetEnt Partners With LFS To Implement Anti-Fraud Measures - Canada CasinoTop BannerAnti-fraud software in action

Anti-fraud software is an incredibly useful technology for operators like NetEnt. There will always be an element of risk when it comes to online casino gambling, just as there is for any other online activity. Like all operators, NetEnt will be keen to close any potential avenues for cheaters who would try to exploit any chinks in the security armour as this not only helps protect their profits and their players but also goes a long way in bolstering the trust customers place in the brand.

Live Fraud Solutions offers operators access to detailed information that can help prevent players misusing live dealer game software through advantage play. Thanks to in-depth reports generated by the LFS software on player patterns and financial analysis, NetEnt is now in a better position to spot untoward behaviour like robot play, card tracking, bonus abuse and other prohibited activities, and then take action to stop them.

Setting the standard for security

NetEnt Partners With LFS To Implement Anti-Fraud Measures - Canada CasinoTop ElementNetEnt’s director of its Live dealer division, Andres Rengifo, says that bringing LFS on board is just one way the studio is ramping up its fraud-prevention efforts. Regular reviews of their live dealer games will complement the analytical tools provided by LFS and further boost the integrity of the online casino live games that NetEnt currently offers.

With NetEnt’s decision to integrate Live Fraud Solutions tools into its online casino games, it becomes the third and arguably the most visible game operator to implement this level of anti-fraud protection.

Pragmatic Play and Ezugi are already on board but with NetEnt joining the ranks, it goes a long way in setting the standard for security right across the online casino industry. Players can expect to see other studios investing in this level of fraud prevention and it would not be surprising if it goes on to become standard practice in no time at all.

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