NetEnt Presents Perfect Blackjack Live

NetEnt provides innovative and creative gaming solutions to some of the world’s most successful online casinos. They did not disappoint this time either. Netent has added the Perfect Blackjack to its portfolio of online live casino games. Well, what makes this Blackjack so perfect you might ask? For starters, players can expect quite a few new features that will actually help the player to learn the perfect blackjack strategy. An extremely low house edge also means that players are dealt the best had possible, increasing your odds of winning. The skills and strategies learnt playing Perfect Blackjack will have you confident enough to play other types of blackjack in no time.

A look at Blackjack In General

Blackjack is one of the most infamous gambling card games in the world.You will usually find several players and only one dealer at a blackjack table. Unlike with most other card games, players compete against the dealer and not the each other.In order to win at blackjack a player needs to collect cards that total 21 before the dealer does.
Blackjack is actually one of the rare online casino games where you actually have a chance at winning. The reason for this is because blackjack, unlike slots, depends on strategy instead of pure luck. Strategy is something that can be learnt. Learn the right strategy and you will almost always win.

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The Development of NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack

NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack was co developed by NetEnt and Grosvenor Casinos. Grosvenor Casinos is the biggest casino brand in the UK.Grosvenor Casinos gives players access to online games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. In addition to these table games they also offer sports betting.

Perfect Blackjack Feature

NetEnt Presents Perfect Blackjack Live - Canada CasinoTop ElementPerfect blackjack has a return-to-player percentage of 99.5. Not only does it have an unbeatable return-to-player percentage, it also teaches players the perfect strategy. A measly house edge of 0.5% ensures an ideal hand most of the time. This allows players to watch and learn the perfect blackjack strategy.

Perfect Blackjack is mobile friendly and its acquisition nature makes it the first of its kind. Perfect Blackjack is also the only live dealer blackjack game in NetEnt’s portfolio that offers an autoplay function. The autoplay option will allow players to choose if they want to double up or auto-split beforehand. The game is flexible in the sense that it allows more than one player per box, and accepts side bets.

The fact that Perfect Blackjack is launched to the entire NetEnt Live Network means that players from all their live casino partners are able to join in.

Since NetEnt’s debut in the 1990’s they have been a force to be reckoned with. They are creative and innovative and Perfect Blackjack is but one example of this. Perfect blackjack is truly unique, and brings something unparalleled to the table. It also puts NetEnt light years ahead of the competition.
NetEnt has also launched a new user interface across its entire portfolio. We can only wonder what’s next.

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