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If you want to find a new favorite online slot you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find the best slots available for Canadian players by reading in-depth online slot reviews. Once you’ve found the slot you like you can also try it for free, before deciding if you want to play it with real money.

New Online Slot AnimationWhat are Online Slots?

An online slot is just like a normal slot machine, the only difference is, that it’s found at online casinos and not in a land-based casino. You can find a huge selection of games, with some online casinos having more than 3000 different slots to play. They come with a variety of bonus rounds, features, graphics, music, and themes, so all you have to do is find your favorite, and spin the wheels for your chance to hit the big win. And speaking of winnings, some of them also feature a progressive jackpot, and if you win that, you can become a millionaire with just one spin!

Read our online slot reviews to find the perfect slot for you.

Types of Slots Covered by Our Online Slot Reviews

With thousands and thousands of different slots available, there are many variations to choose from, and every game has something new to add to the table. Nevertheless, slots can be divided into three different types of games, which are classic slots, video slots, and progressive slots.

  • Classic slots: The classic slots are still going strong, and many of them are still hugely popular. In general these slots as simple games, most often consisting of 3 spinning wheels that display 3 symbols each. The pay lines can vary from 1 to 5, and most of the time you can choose how many lines you want to bet on. In addition to the normal symbols, you can often find ‘a wild’, and the most common bonus features are the gambling features that you can bet your winnings on to double them, and, the Supermeter where you can increase your bets and play for the really big wins.
  • Video slots: The most popular online slots nowadays are video slots. These come in the thousands, and can often make up 90% or more of the game selection at an online casino. In these games, you can usually find 5 or more wheels, and they are packed with bonus features. Wild symbols can come as normal wilds, walking wilds, sticky wilds, falling wilds, expanding wilds, and more. Only your imagination limits how a wild can function in these games. ‘Multipliers’ is also something that often occurs, and the goes bonus games, such as ‘free spins’ or ‘pick and click’ games.
  • Progressive slots: There are two different kinds of slots that count as progressive slots. It can either be a feature of a “normal” video slot where you are building up to something, collecting symbols or wins to trigger a bonus of some sort. The other kind is the ‘progressive jackpot’, where you’re playing for a chance to win really, really big. In these slots, all players are contributing to a jackpot which one lucky player wins.

Play Slots for Free

If you’re new to this whole online gambling thing, choosing a slot to try your luck with can be a daunting task, and let’s face it; you can’t try them all. So before choosing a slot to play, you should first try it for free so you know that you’re placing your money on a game that you really like. Most online casinos offer the possibility of trying a demo version of the game before you log in to your account, and this is something you should take advantage of. Playing for free won’t give you any real money winnings, but at least you can make sure you like the game before risking your own money for the chance to win.

Choosing Free Slots

The first thing you should consider before choosing your slot is what theme you like; if you would like a slot with a lot of extra features or not, and what kind of risk you’re willing to take. If you would like a simple slot, then a classic one is what you are looking for, but if you like a lot of bonus features, a video slot is your best option. When we’re talking about risk, this is something that’s measured in game volatility, which decides if the slot will give you many small wins, or bigger less frequent wins. For a small risk go for a low volatility, and for a big risk, go for a high volatility, or something in-between.

Best Online Slot Reviews List

To help you get started, we have listed all the top slots you should try before deciding on your favorites. These are the most popular slots among other Canadian players, and also some up and coming slots that deserve a spot on our ‘top slots’ list. Read the reviews, spin a couple of spins for free, and then head over to the top list for online casinos to find a casino bonus you can use to maximize your winning chances.

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