All There is to Know About Poker Laws in NZ

Publisert January 18, 2021

Gambling in New Zealand has been legal since 2003 with the establishment of the Gambling Act of 2003. All gambling activities were made legal except for online gaming or what is referred to as interactive gaming according to the Act. If an online casino is set up in New Zealand, it would be illegal to engage, however, offshore operations are completely legal and can be enjoyed at your leisure. The only online gaming operations that have been exempt from the rule are the New Zealand Lotteries Commission and the Totalisator Agency Board, better known as TAB, bet you didn’t know that until now, did you? Given the variety of international online casino options, it makes it very easy for Kiwis to find the games they love to play from wherever they are. Be it, slots, lotteries, Roulette and possibly the most popular, Poker.

Legal Standing on Poker

Poker has become one of the most popular casino games that Kiwis enjoy playing, casually and even participating in international Poker tournaments. There is no doubt that playing poker is legal in New Zealand and is also covered by the Gambling Act of 2003. Even before 2003, poker had been played in New Zealand long before regulations were put in place. However, the regulations were put in place to allow for a safer gambling environment for all who participate. Poker can be played at land-based casinos as well as online.

Offshore Providers

In countries like India, players are allowed to play with offshore operators, but the country itself does not reap any benefits from its residents’ transactions online. New Zealand However, has employed the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) to establish strict rules and regulations to maintain fair, responsible and safe gambling within the country. Regulation has also been put in place for offshore operators that states that there will be an amount to be paid to the country. The statute required offshore operators to pay taxes related to the betting products and gambling services provided to residents and visitors residing in New Zealand. The DIA and the license requirements that have been set up for land-based and online operators aim to reduce gambling-related issues in societies and families. Another aim of the DIA is to reduce the number of illegal providers that can in some cases make gambling show its uglier side.

Online Poker at Offshore Sites

Playing poker online has become one of the biggest forms of entertainment around the world in the past few years. The connectivity allows players to engage in a way that land-based venues are unable to provide. Playing on an international stage makes it more exciting and provides a different level of engagement. Kiwis have no resident online option to play poker online but are free to choose an offshore poker website of their choice. As previously mentioned, the websites that are allowed to operate in New Zealand will need to pay taxes from the profits gained, to be pumped back into the community. There is a large selection of poker games for Kiwis to enjoy and aside from the taxes, there is nothing to limit the players' experience and choice of poker online.

The operators are required to pay taxes, however, the individuals that are playing poker online, for fun, will not have to pay any part of their winnings to New Zealand. There is another side to the story when it comes to professional gamblers. For those players that rely on poker as their main source of income, they are then considered professional poker players and it is incumbent on these specific players to pay taxes as well. Poker is legal in New Zealand and there are no overly strict rules regarding it as well as gambling in general, you could become a professional gambler at some point, so keep in mind that there will be something going back to the Kiwi community.

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