CasinoTop Grows Bigger in the New Zealand Market

Publisert October 19, 2020, which has a great presence in the United Kingdom, Canadian, South African, and Indian markets, has expanded its reach by focusing on the New Zealand market as a source to provide players with up to date information. The site is a product of Value Marketing Ltd, which is a leading iGaming company with offices around the world. This organisation intends to provide all the countries under its umbrella with first-hand online casino reviews and sports betting content. The site, which was launched in 2017, has grown in leaps and bounds since then.


Founder and CEO of CasinoTop, Reza Shojaei, is confident that the company can replicate the speed and growth in NZ that took place in the other countries as well. He said that they are pleased with the growth of the site and are sure that it can offer the Kiwis the same results. Shojaei added that the site promises to continue to provide all its users with data that is current and absolutely reliable. He said that a lot went into developing a product, that sifts through all the unnecessary and sometimes false information available online. They make sure that what is on the site is the truth and is legitimately true.

Tailor-Made to Fit

New Zealanders are very set in their ways and when it comes to online betting, there is no exception. It is, therefore, fitting that employ Kiwis to assist them with providing the very best to the New Zealanders and understanding exactly what it is that they look for and need from the sites that they visit. The purpose of launching this site in New Zealand is to make the Kiwis aware of the fact that there are other ways of betting out there other than the conventional way of betting at the local TAB and that those methods could provide a much better experience.

What Are the Plans?

CasinoTop has no plans of slowing down the constant growth of the site, with New Zealand's platform gaining traction by the day, the team is now focusing on adding more quality content to satisfy their users. This will bring about lots more useful information NZ players can use while on their online casino journeys. In this respect, Shojaei has high hopes for what’s to happen in 2021. He is certain that with all the knowledge that the company has acquired since they started, that they will be able to provide each country, specifically New Zealand, with what they are looking for. He is confident that the sites will be able to cater for whichever market, no matter how established it is.

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