Easy Casino Games for Beginners

Publisert October 3, 2020

Venturing into the world of gambling can be daunting for many new players. With the vast array of games on offer, it is difficult to choose one that is both exciting but also beginner-friendly. Luckily for you there are quite a number of popular and renowned games that are simple enough for novice players to learn about while they play, while still getting the epic and life-changing gaming experience you’re seeking. Without further ado, here are some of the easiest table games for newbie players.


The first type of casino game on our hit-list is one that has become synonymous with casinos all over the world. The humble and simple pokie machine might seem like a drag at first but once you’ve hit the reels, you might change your mind. Pokies are of the most favoured games at land-based and online casinos, regardless of the experience that players have. The simplicity of choosing a coin denomination, selecting paylines and hitting spin never gets old. Considering that there are some epic jackpots tied to progressive pokies games, it is certainly worth a try.


Blackjack has a long-standing reputation for being complex, making it one of the games that many first-time gamblers are unwilling to try. The good news is that everyone started out as a novice and the only way to get better at this game is to practice. To make things even easier for you, this game features the lowest house edge out of all the card games on offer, less by about 0,5% compared to other games of this nature. What that means is that there is a 44-45% chance of winning which means that the bark of this game might just be worse than it’s bite.


Many beginners flock to the devil’s wheel. For most players, the reason is the allure of the James Bond experience but in reality, roulette is a pretty good choice. The rules that govern the game are pretty easy to learn. In most cases, players that flock to the roulette wheel are there for the atmosphere. It is considered one of the most exciting games to play and there are no rules against speaking to the other players or even the croupier.


With all of the above games mentioned, a first time journey into the gaming floor is not as scary as it first seems. All that’s left to do is make a choice that suits you and remember to be responsible while playing.

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