Gambling Superstitions Reviewed by CasinoTop

Publisert January 23, 2021

Gambling is based on chance, that is what most punters believe. However, when it seems as though no matter what you try, you are just plain bad luck, that is when superstition sometimes rears its head and makes people believe that something or someone has jinxed them. Let's see what most people believe could bring on the bad or luck or just what they believe to be superstition around gambling.

Bringing On The Luck

In China, the color red is seen as a lucky color, therefore if someone wears red and goes to the casino, they believe that such a person is sure to win. Some casinos have even gone a step further and had entire rooms painted bright red, in support of those who may believe that. Other people believe that when you cross your fingers, it will change your luck, this is a common practice for some people whether they are playing in a casino or even online. In the same vein, it is believed to be bad luck if you cross your legs while gambling.

Some gamblers believe that people who are lucky in love, stand a better chance of not losing when they go to the casino because they are more cautious than their single counterparts. Other gamblers believe in always playing lucky numbers or carrying lucky objects with them when they visit casinos. In some cases, people who have either been wearing a lucky ring or something else brings them luck.

Lesser-Known Superstitions

Some less popular beliefs that will bring you luck, or even bad luck, is like the case of the $50 bill. In days gone by, mobsters were believed to have buried people with $50 bills in their pocket, hence the superstition that this is bad luck. Some Asian people believe that if you try your luck, while you are pregnant, you are sure to win.

Superstitions From Other Countries

Another strange belief, again originating from China, where it is believed that there is a baby ghost who lives behind the gambling tables. What one has to do to ensure a win, is to feed the ghost with sugar, and then you are sure to win. The itching hand belief is a Slavic superstition, which says that if your right hand itches, it means that you will be coming into some money. While on the other hand if it is your left hand that itches, then you will probably be losing money soon.

So, to those people who are still of the opinion, that luck depends on the draw, this article may just make you think a little differently. If this is the case, see which of the aforementioned superstitions appeal to you. The next time you go to a casino, or even if you are thinking of playing at an online casino, try it and see whether there is any truth in what people and those in other countries believe. You may just be one of the lucky ones that it works for, and if that is the case, you may just be much richer for just trying.

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