New Zealand iGaming Stocks Overview

Publisert December 19, 2020

New Zealanders are known to enjoy many different forms of online casino and gambling entertainment. That being said, the gambling industry certainly takes centre stage, because not only do statistics show that four out of every five New Zealanders are avid gamblers, but also that they spend an estimated $160 million within this niche per annum. With the demand growing so rapidly, it’s no wonder operators are rising to the occasion by meeting the demand.

Operators Cash In

Companies such as SkyCity Entertainment Group, Gateway Casinos, and Entertainment and Crown Melbourne Limited, are monopolising on the demand that has been created due to ever-growing iGaming and gambling industries in New Zealand. Crown Melbourne Limited, located on the bank of the Yarra River in Australia, is known to be the largest venue of its kind in the southern half of the globe. It boasts the best entertainment and offers outstanding restaurants, cinemas and most importantly online casinos. New Zealanders can partake in everything from online Blackjack to sports betting when visiting this venue. When other operators were suffering major losses, Crown Melbourne was one of the companies, who still managed to show an increase in revenue, in 2020.

Gateway Casinos

Although the land-based casinos owned by Gateway Casinos, stretches over the larger part of Canada from British Columbia to Ontario, this does not mean that it has not managed to also appeal to the New Zealand market. The company offers many other countries across the globe at the same level of service. With the move to join Passport Technology, Gateway Casinos further solidified, it is standing in the gaming world. This partnership enabled New Zealanders as well as other countries, faster access to be involved with the need for cashless gaming. The company's history and position it occupies within the gaming industry, assisted with it receiving the (LEEF) grant from the Canadian government. This loan was only made available to companies who raked in from $300 million and upward per annum.

SkyCity Entertainment Group

Situated in Auckland, New Zealand, SkyCity Entertainment Group offers everything from hotels, restaurants and bars across the country. Since New Zealanders are only allowed to partake in the government-owned lotteries, online gambling any other form of gambling is prohibited. SkyCity agreed with Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GIG), in which SkyCity was able to use the group's license to provide New Zealanders with the option of gambling online. This is not the only way in which the NZ gamblers found ways of getting involved with the online gaming scene. They can access online casinos in other countries.

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