New Zealand’s Latest Lottery Winners

Publisert October 12, 2020

Many Kiwis have dreamt of the day they would win that lucky lotto jackpot. With the National lottery having a long history in New Zealand, players all over the country are always buying their lotto tickets. Each player is always hopeful that the jackpot will be theirs to win.

In August 2020, the jackpot rose to just over $50 million and ten lucky players walked away with their share of the prize. Tickets were bought at retail locations as well as online. So, it goes to show that lady luck is present wherever we go.

The Prize Pool

Each of the ten players walked away with just over $5 million. The total prize for each of them was made up of the Powerball First Division of $5 million. In the second division of Powerball, the winners raked in $7,631. Finally, from the Lotto Second Division, the split was $16,368. Taking into account all the divisions, each of the ten players went off into the sunset with a cool $5,023,999 prize.

Winning Ticket Locations

The winning tickets were bought all over the country. Most of which were bought online through MyLotto. In Auckland, five of the MyLotto tickets were purchased with one ticket from Tauranga. This makes it evident that most Lotto players are choosing to purchase their tickets in the most convenient way possible.

The remaining tickets were bought at retail locations. Tickets were bought from Lincoln Heights Superette, Collingwood Food Centre in Invercargill, Andrew Spence Pharmacy in Napier and Melody's New World in Palmerston North.

Each location will be getting their cut of the winnings as well. Making sure that the players and game providers are catered to when it comes to Lotto Jackpots.

The Excitement And Green Pastures

As excited as the players are for this massive jackpot, the Lottery authorities are happy too. One would assume that giving away large chunks of money would be a difficult thing to do. This is not the case for the National lottery. The head of communication for Lotto NZ has gone on to say that they are thrilled that the Powerball has rolled over to make the prize even bigger.

Not only ten people, but ten families now have the opportunity to experience what it's like to be Powerball winners. Lotto NZ is excited to celebrate with the winners and offer assistance in any way possible. A huge chunk of money could be a shock to the system and Lotto NZ is always there to help.

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