NZ Player Bags $10,5 Million in Lottery Winnings

Publisert October 4, 2020

With more than 20 years of Lottery experience under its belt, New Zealand mints quite a few big winners. After causing a stir with regard to unclaimed winnings at the beginning of September 2020, the holder of the winning lottery ticket stepped forward to claim the $10,5 million prize. It was reported that the winner did not realize that he had won the staggering amount, but is now ready to start spending this life-changing amount.

Worried About The Claim

In the first week of September, the winning numbers were announced for the Lotto First Division as well as the Powerball First Division. Once the announcement was done, there was no claim made to the fortune. The National Lottery advised all players to check their lottery tickets and make their claim as soon as possible. Further details were provided, in hopes that the winner would read about it in the news.

It was reported that the winning ticket was purchased in Bishopsdale, specifically at the New World supermarket in the area. It was further elaborated that the ticket was purchased at the supermarket located on the corner of Harewood Road and Farrington Avenue. It is safe to say that National Lottery officials were determined to find the winner.

Staking The Claim

The winning amount was made up of $500,000 from the Lotto First division and the overwhelming $10 million prize came from the Powerball First division. The winner is a regular lottery player and never thought that he would win this big, stating that it is completely unbelievable. He bought his winning ticket casually while doing his grocery shopping at New World Supermarket, not knowing that lady luck was right behind him.

After searching for the winner, we are very happy to report that the new winner was, of course, able to claim his winnings and have his life changed forever.

Spending His Winnings

The winner of the $10,5 million jackpot would like to remain anonymous and all parties involved have respected his wishes. They have gone on to report that the lucky winner plans to spend his money on buying the car he has always dreamed of. He is still overwhelmed by the fact that he was made an instant millionaire, even more unbelievable that he did so, by just doing his grocery shopping. He wants to buy a Lamborghini, and at this moment, nothing is standing in his way.

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