Online Casino Trends In The Year 2021

Publisert December 20, 2020

Technology is taking the world by storm and the online gambling industry is no exception. The internet has become the iGaming industry’s passageway when it comes to granting access to online casinos and gaming in general. This has prompted a few trends, which everyone is likely to observe in 2021. Let’s take a look at it.

Online Casino Safety to Be Improved

The spike in interest from players and iGaming enthusiasts the world over, has forced casino operators to ensure that the users who visit their sites are not only properly vetted, but that they are over the age of 18. Because of the increase in the numbers of online gamblers, many have fallen prey to it and have become addicted to gambling. Responsible gambling, mobile gaming, augmented reality as well as virtual reality is set to change the face of the gambling industry in the coming years. Personal data and information of players are protected by firewalls which make it practically impossible for hackers to penetrate.

Sports Gambling Will Increase

Countries such as New Zealand and the United States, where sports betting was illegal, have started reviewing laws and are now able to introduce this aspect of gambling into its offerings. NZ has more than 60 online casinos and according to statistics, over 59% of the NZ gambling population have already downloaded apps and visited online casinos. Some other countries that will be offering online sports betting soon, will be Virginia, Massachusetts, and Nebraska to name a few, following in the trend of other American online casinos.

Overall Outcomes

The projected market value of this industry stands at $95.3 million by 2021. With all of the measures and strategies that the industry intends putting in place, it is sure to increase in leaps and bounds in the coming years. With the number of people using smartphones globally, the mobile gaming industry has also grown exponentially and has been reported to be contributing to half of the revenue that is being generated. The augmented and virtual reality aspect of technology has allowed for added enjoyment and an awesome sports betting and online gambling experience for all users globally.

Since sports betting is now flooding the market, online casinos are now having to improvise and find ways to make sure that players still visit their site. They have started introducing more enticing free spins and bonuses. Furthermore, they will also soon be availing lower betting options and requirements, which is bound to pique the interest of many.

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