A Guide to Video Slots for New Zealanders

Video slots have conquered the iGaming world including New Zealand over the last couple of decades and now they make up the vast majority of the different games seen at many online casinos. In fact, while most online casinos will have a few variations of the classic table games, you’ll notice that video slots number hundreds and in some rarer cases thousands.

You can even try some video slots out right here, as CasinoTop has many of the top titles available to play in ‘fun mode’ – i.e. not for real money, but just for fun, with virtual coins. This gives you an opportunity to test your strategy before risking your hard-earned NZ dollars.

It’s impossible to say just how many video slots are out there with new ones being released by multiple game providers on a weekly basis, but we’d say there’s at least several thousand. But you can grasp some of the many variants here by filtering our selection by number of paylines, maximum bet, bonus round types, themes and whether free spins are included or not.

We’ll explain all these terms shortly, so before you go off to try out as many slots as you can find, let’s explore the wonderful and very colourful world on online video slot machines.

What makes a video slot different?

Video slots are an extension, or some would say the logical conclusion, of the classic fruit machines featuring bells, cherries, lemons and so on. Video slots have taken the basic elements that made the fruit machines so popular across the world, but applied the technical knowhow, animation skills and graphic design improvements associated with the age of the internet. Therefore, these are classic fruit machines or one arm bandits on steroids.

So, in addition to way better graphics, super smooth animations for key events in the game and awesome video introductions (much like modern video games), the concept of the physical slot machine seen in land based casinos up and down the country has been expanded in myriad other ways. That means you can expect fluid reels, innovative bonus rounds and graphics that make you say ‘wow’.

Video slots have toyed with the number of reels available at any one time (so no longer are you limited to the standard three or five reel slots), dramatically increased the amount of paylines and made bonus rounds that are equal to the most creative Hollywood movie title sequences. A good example of this is paylines increasing from a handful of combinations to more than half a million ways to win.

So how do these slots actually work?

All slot machines are based on the rules of chance governed by a Random Number Generator (RNG), which ensures that each and every spin on any given game has the exact same chance of winning. Because of this, the mathematics behind the games do not favour someone placing extremely high bets over a long period of time – they will eventually lose overall with that strategy. But that doesn’t mean that a single lucky spin couldn’t win the jackpot prize.

To find your perfect video slot is a difficult decision, then. You’ll want to weigh up many different factors, such as the RTP (Return To Player), which is normally given as a percentage, versus the volatility of the game. To explain the latter, some slots have high volatility (they won’t pay out for long periods of time, but when they do, they really pay out), while others have a low volatility (meaning they will pay out small amounts more regularly, but the amounts won’t be huge).

Here are some more features that are worth considering when picking your next video slot:

  • Auto Play: Where you can set a number of spins and automate that exact number.
  • Paylines: The number of combinations that could potentially win you a lot of money.
  • Max Bet: The maximum amount of money you’re able to place on a single payline.
  • Info: Provides you all the information about winning combinations, volatility and RTP.

We highly recommend reading the information page of each slot you decide to play in order to discover exactly what payline combinations will win you money, how to gauge how much you should wager each time (from low to high bets, for example) and how the bonus rounds work. Speaking of which…

What bonus features are there?

Bonus rounds give you even more opportunities to win. They can include free spins, 50/50 games of chance where you can double your money (or lose it all), expanding wilds, wheels of fortune and many more. You can activate a bonus round in many different ways (again read the information page on each slot for more on this) but the most common is to land three or more Scatter symbols or Bonus symbols along a payline. Scatters may give you more free spins, while Bonus symbols usually open up the full animated bonus round feature of the game.

More recent video game developments have enabled players to level up. The various levels of gameplay take it beyond the base level and unlock new features, additional reels and other innovative features along the way. This is why the term video slots is appropriate – they really are starting to meld with traditional video games.

All slot reviews in one place

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