The Lowdown on Specialty Casino Games

Publisert October 16, 2020

If you’re the sort of player that enjoys a good online casino with a varied, different, and interesting gaming catalog then you have probably come across the newest genre of online casino games called specialty games. It seems that these games started appearing one by one over the years and have slowly made their way into some of the most prestigious online casinos offerings but what exactly are they, how are they defined, and why are they so popular? Allow us to clear up the confusion and tell you what you need to know.

What are Speciality Games?

Specialty games are defined as mostly games of chance, with a few exceptions that have been adapted so players can enjoy an online version of what they enjoy in real life. In more recent times, the genre has begun to include arcade-style games and even virtual sports betting offerings to appeal to the new generation of online casino players. Games such as Lotto, Keno, Scratchcards, and even Sudoku have become popular gaming choices to be found in online casinos in this category. It might seem surprising but this is the genre that has experienced the most growth in recent years as new games emerge to entertain the masses.

Why Are They So Popular?

Even if you have never tried a specialty game before, the mysterious genre does have some appeal. This is what most players indicate as their primary reason for playing specialty games which is the curiosity and the thrill of something new. That being said, players have also indicated that specialty games are a pleasant change from the usually stressful and difficult casino-style games that have been around for years. In addition to this, many players who try games like Keno, Lottery, or Bingo have played these games in real life and are curious to experience the virtual versions as well as determine whether they enjoy the digital version as much.


While specialty games are often viewed with disdain by expert players who have already found their niche, specialty games are for those players who would like to take their chances, without the stress of learning a tactic and doing so in their way. There is certainly a beauty in what these games provide which is simple, easy, and unfiltered entertainment that could even be a bit of a nostalgic experience for some.

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