Why is Online Gambling in New Zealand Increasing

Publisert November 24, 2020

Over the past few years, online gambling has risen in popularity all over the world. New Zealanders, or kiwis, have been pouring more and more of their hard-earned cash into the industry for the last two years. Internationally accredited, and operated, sites have experienced an increase in traffic in the oceanic country. Over this past year, several international gaming providers have shown a keen interest in tapping into this market and taking advantage of the growing trend. Here’s why online gambling has been growing in leaps and bounds in New Zealand recently.


International casino operators have the difficult job of catering to a global clientele. When it comes to payment methods, variation is truly the spice of life. Online casino operators now offer multiple payment methods, with some of them being offered to cater specifically to players in New Zealand. The payment methods on offer are usually accredited, with the service provider going above and beyond to ensure that payments are processed timeously and accurately. Online payment methods are also more convenient, especially when it comes to payouts that can be paid via e-wallets such as PayPal and POLi.

Safe Gaming

For many years, avid gamblers and players steered away from online casinos. The newness of the industry had created an impression of danger when it comes to personal or sensitive data. However, the online casinos that service New Zealand have received regulator licenses from trusted authority bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission(UKGC) or the Malta Gaming Authority, that prove that the online casino has been tested and found to have sufficient security measures in place to protect players and their data while they’re playing.

Trusted Operators

While many people might not read reviews and other records of experiences, there are enough customers in the world who do, which makes it worth it for an online operator to have a good reputation. This is especially true in New Zealand as Kiwis trust the community and take reviews very seriously. The best online casinos in New Zealand experience high traffic numbers and participation from kiwis due to the good reputation they have built for themselves.

Bonuses and Rewards

Land-based casinos certainly have their charms, but so do online casinos. It is due to these charms that online gambling has been increasing in New Zealand. Kiwis can now enjoy great welcome bonuses, weekly or daily promotions, and other discounts that are not available at traditional casinos.

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