Our History

CasinoTop first saw the light of day in 2017, after the people behind Value Marketing long had been contemplating the idea of helping Norwegian players stay safe while playing at online casinos. It all came to pass after a pleasant evening at a restaurant in Malta, over an excellent meal followed by some cocktails, to celebrate a new online portal within the finance sector.

While working on this new portal one of the writers came across the gambling monopoly in Norway, which in 2003 lead to the ban of all physical slot machines that until then had been found all over the country. This, in turn, lead the Norwegian players to online casinos – where a lot of the same slots now can be found in a digital form. Hence why there is no reason to go to a kiosk, gas station or any other place where the physical machines used to be found.

The conversation at the restaurant then turned into how the Norwegian government seem to be blind to the fact that they think their state owned gambling company, Norsk Tipping, simply can’t entice players with their somewhat simple and boring games, and why they don’t want a share of the profits coming from the online casinos. The money we’re talking about here is in the millions of euros, which is a lot for a small country with just about 5 million inhabitants, and this is something the government could have collected taxes from, had they only regulated the online casino industry for Norway. Only in 2017 Norwegian players gambled for more than 350 million euros, and since then the numbers have just gone up and up.

The Scandinavian neighbours like Denmark and Sweden have regulated their markets, along with several other European countries. This is not just something that is beneficial to the governments, with more money coming into their welfare systems, but it also makes it safer for the players with local regulations made to protect them.

Since the government in Norway seem to be oblivious to the fact that they could make it safer for Norwegians to play online, the conversation this evening in a Maltese restaurant started to twirl around the idea of making a website to help players with just that. As it is perfectly legal for Norwegians to play at online casinos, one could help them to stay safe, but how would one go about it? Everyone agreed that an independent website which would be committed to telling the truth about everything that happens in the casino industry would be the answer, including objective reviews of casinos, slots and all other games the casinos are offering.

We already knew it would be a lot of work. To thoroughly check and test hundreds of casinos and thousands of games would of course take a lot of time, but it would be necessary to be able to find the hidden gems, and rotten tomatoes. There are not only serious and trustworthy online casinos, but there are also quite a few you should stay away from, as is the case in most industries.

This evening we all got really excited by this idea that’s starting to take shape, so much so that we started working on it the very next day. Almost obsessed with only writing about safe and secure online casinos we set to work, it was at this time when the name CasinoTop also came to us. We wanted to create a top list of the very best casinos and slots.

To start a project like this would, of course, be a lot easier if we had a big company backing us, but on the other hand, we wanted to stay independent. This we still consider being one of our greatest strengths. There are several other casino guides and portals online, but as quite a few of them are run by big gaming companies they are not always truthful, as they are as much guided by the owners as of the research being done.

Starting from scratch

From the very beginning, we chose to go all-in, utilizing all of our available time, resources and motivation. We were fully determined to create the best portal for online casinos, and we were never in doubt that we would come out on top. Not only because we could see where the other similar websites were failing, but because we were focused on going in deep and thoroughly researching the casinos we were reviewing. This is something we still do, and we have not regretted it a single second.

One of the first things we did was to come up with a list of all the things a player might wonder about when choosing to sign up to a new casino. After that, we decided which areas we should be focusing on, and this is what we came up with:

  • Is the casino safe to play at?
  • Which country or countries are they licenced by?
  • Is it possible to use the most common payment methods for deposits and withdrawals?
  • Does the casino have a well functioning customer support department?
  • Does the casino offer games from well established and popular game providers?
  • Is it possible to play from a mobile or tablet?
  • Which types of bonuses are the casino offering?
  • What is the wagering requirement for the bonuses they give?

When we sat down and looked at the list of questions we realized that if we could answer these questions truthfully we would be able to give the casinos an objective score, helping our readers make an informed decision when choosing which casino to try their luck at.

All along the way, we’ve also been determined to relay relevant news about anything that’s happening in the world of online casinos. If a new casino is about to launch, we’ll make sure to be the first ones to break the news. The same of course also goes for the release of new slots and other games.

The truth – and nothing but the truth

The one thing that can take the credit for bringing CasinoTop to where it is today is our policy towards casino scams. As a leading casino guide in the market we have taken the responsibility that gives us, to always tell the truth, both when something is good, but perhaps even more importantly when something isn’t good. There is no secret in the fact that when someone wins at an online casino someone also has to lose. That is why we always want you to make sure that you are not playing for more money than what you can afford to lose, because playing at a casino is supposed to be fun, and is never something you should count on to give you an extra income on a regular basis.

Every day we strive to give you the best possible casino experience. By using our website that is exactly what you can get. All the online casinos we have reviewed are trustworthy, and they are all safe to play at. The casinos that aren’t have already been banned by our committed staff.

The road ahead

When the Norwegian version CasinoTop was launched in 2017, we didn’t have high expectations. Noone had ever heard of us, and we were quite inexperienced in the casino niche. After two years with a steep learning curve, we are immensely proud of what we have accomplished. Now we have made a name for ourselves, and we get a lot of respect for the work we do. More and more casinos are reaching out to us asking for our cooperation, and we are excited to see what the future might bring.

The high standard we are aiming for combined with all the hard work we put into this project is what we think has made us so successful. Another aspect is, of course, our dedicated team of writers with not just plenty of dedication, but also vast knowledge in the casino industry.

Lately, we have put a lot of effort into establishing ourselves in other markets, and we started with Sweden. In addition, we have just launched in other bigger markets as well, with the big brand CasinoTop.com. This portal is made for players from Canada (such as yourself), Finland, Denmark, Germany, UK, Japan, India, South-Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Spain.

As you can probably gather, we are no longer small and humble, we now bring out the big guns. In many ways, we work from the same philosophy as the now-deceased marketing guru Leo Burnett, who in the mid-1930s started a small marketing agency with the same name in Chicago, which went on to become one of the biggest in the world. His philosophy was:

“When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”

We truly believe in this philosophy, as you sometimes have to go all in to be able to get anything in return, much like when you’re gambling. Our goal is that more players will see the entertainment in gambling online, while they are at the same time gambling in a safe and secure manner. That is why all the casinos we recommend are safe for our readers to play.

We are rooting for you, we hope you are rooting for us!

We have only just begun

Today you have the possibility to test the slots we have reviewed for free on our website. This is something we really wanted to share with you, and a lot of work has gone into it. This gives you a clear advantage, as you can learn how they all work before you bet any of your own money on the slot at an online casino. If you know how the game works before you start gambling on it chances are that you can increase your winnings.

Our history doesn’t stop there – it has only just begun. Innovation is something that is as natural to us as breathing, and that is why we keep on working to give you a better understanding of the casino industry before you pick your next casino to play at. Through our site, you may also get exclusive bonuses at several casinos. Why is that? Because casinos all over the world have taken notice of us and the work we do, and they want in on it!

If there is one thing we have learned from our journey so far is that tomorrow is not the same as today, and that’s why we keep on working toward the goal of being the best online casino guide in the world. One thing is for sure – no one can beat us when it comes to honesty.