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For decades, banks have been a vital source of managing physical as well as online funds. This has led to many newcomers in recent times that offer flexible options such as instant withdrawals at reasonable service fees. Players have the choice of using many different payment processors that offer high security and performance. This year is no exception, broadening the scope of how online banking and casinos have changed for the better.

The latest wire transfer casinos on our blacklist

Our blacklisted sites will assist new and existing players in circumventing the troubles that come when joining them. There are plenty of telltale signs that point to a poorly constructed casino site. Riddled with security holes, these sites will only bring frustration and should be avoided. Our strict 25-step process has helped millions of players get the very best in online casinos.


Incorrect and misleading marketing relating to safety measures
Confusing wagering requirements
Inferior quality of games displayed


Customer complaints remain unresolved
Unprofessional customer service received
Stalled winnings being paid out


Consumer complaints ignored
Misleading claims to proper international licensing
Improper online casino practices in use

Our Top Recommended Casinos

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Intro to Wire Transfer

Linking your bank card to enable online payments has become a much simpler procedure. Managing online funds has become the norm for many that surf the net. While the process is straight forward, it is also quite essential for many internet operations including a smooth online casino experience.

The process of doing a wire transfer is also known as a bank transfer. This entails sending your preferred amount of cash (up to a limit) from your bank account to your casino account. It's always good practice to speak with a bank consultant, making sure everything is in order before proceeding with your first transfer.

How to make a deposit using Wire Transfer

All regulated casinos follow a verification process which proves your identity as a human player. Online casinos want a safe environment for their players and their transactions. Even if you were activating a bonus with your first deposit, the verification procedure will begin without interruptions to bring your account into a green status. Verification is usually confirmed within 24 to 48 hours and will enable you to use the withdrawal function on the casino account.

Depositing - Load up the main page of the site then navigate to the account section, choose cashier if applicable then deposit.
Mobile Number - Choose the option for bank transfer and have your mobile device ready if needed.
Set an Amount - Depending on the bank being used, the amount allowable to transfer may differ. The minimum and maximum amount can be found on the site, if not, contact customer service for assistance.
Payment Text - Your bank will carry out additional security confirmations usually in the form of an SMS, secret code or email. Compare this information with the amount you entered to make sure they match up.
Check Your Mobile Bill - The standard time for a wire transfer usually reflects within an hour but on rare occasions this can be longer. Transactions only apply to business days, check with your bank for possible exceptions.

How to withdraw from a casino using Wire Transfer

There are a few things that could stop a withdrawal from happening. This could be an active bonus, account verification or incorrectly entered details. Be sure to check the terms and conditions for a breakdown on the inner workings of the casino site. Selected casino sites additionally offer a table with all banking amounts including minimums, maximums, bank charges and average time frames.

1. Head to the cashier

If all looks good, head off to the cashier usually found on the top of the page. This time you will be choosing the withdrawal function.

2. Select Wire Transfer

You might be tempted to use a different withdrawal method which is the case for many players. While there isn't a real issue, all casinos agree that this extends the time needed for the withdrawal. In this case, it is best to choose wire transfer.

Wire Transfer Withdrawal 2

3. Check your details

Do a double check then another just to be sure. When doing any deposits or withdrawals, it is imperative for the account details to be on point. Read and confirm any additional pop-ups related to your withdrawal.

Wire Transfer Withdrawal 3

4. Withdraw your funds

Once everything looks okay, click on withdraw to place the amount requested in a pending status. Withdrawal times can take as long as 5 business days but usually arrive in the bank account much sooner.

Wire Transfer Withdrawal 4
Trusted payment method used all over the world
Setting up card details is a breeze
Low cost service fees for both deposits and withdrawals
Wire transfers can be done on mobile
Customer service will help if needed
Not the first choice for players as there is quicker alternatives
Your bank may not be supported
Could incur hidden charges if not discussed with the bank
Bank account needed to use wire transfer

Safety and security

Banks that have been around for decades exist because of the long standing trust built around their account holders. Their services can be seen pretty much everywhere, especially inside food and clothing stores. Players seek a bank that is both reliable and trustworthy, this clearly shows in their history which proves to be a working model. Security is at the highest priority for any well known bank.

All transactions are logged with a timestamp which helps prevent any unsavory causes for concern. Popular banking systems use military grade encryption as a highly secure layer of protection. Notice how the screen times out if you take too long when doing online banking? This is just one of the preventive measures taken by banks to negate unwanted hands on your account.

How we rate casinos offering wire transfers

Background and safety check

Licensed casinos are a cut above the rest, offering quality games and services as close to a physical one as it gets. Following our recommended list of top casinos as well as avoiding the blacklisted one's is a sure fire way of keeping the bar raised. We engineered our 25-step system to carefully ascertain the flaws in all casinos reviewed. The kind of conditions found on our blacklisted sites should never be tolerated as this could put your bankroll and account details in jeopardy.

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Deposit funds and contact customer support

We look at how well the site handles different kinds of deposits. The number of payment options offered gives a better sense of flexibility for any player wanting to manage their funds. These choices may differ or even lessen depending on region however the site should be robust enough to make up the slack. Live chat must be easily accessible and eye catching to any regular or visitor. Chat agents that respond within a minute or two are considered to be top of the top. Any queries should be dealt with care and professionalism. Further means of contacting customer service either through email or telephone goes hand in hand.

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Play games and cash out winnings

Games are the question and the answer. We take a look at different collections of titles offered through our casino reviews. These include different variations of slots, table games, live games, sports betting and specialty games. What stands out from the rest? How well do these games integrate with the theme of the casino? Are there bonuses that work with specific titles? There is much to consider, this includes how many well known industries support the site. Cashing out is an important part of the player's journey, their reward is a helpful choice of many different payment processors, cash out limits and time frames.

Complete final review

We maintain a firm stance when reviewing all our casino sites. Once all our stats have been gathered, we delegate on the strengths, weaknesses and how strong is the overall presence of the site. What kind of impression does the casino give and is it a lasting one? Numbers do not lie and neither does our list of platinum casino sites. Regulated casinos have all the bells and whistles to function properly. We make regular revisions and updates to keep our recommended list extra fresh.


Why use wire transfers at online casinos?

There are a large number of players that prefer to use wire transfer. While this can be said for other payment processors, it really boils down to freedom of choice and what works best. Bank transfers are one of the safest options available online and have been for a very long time. Card-less services such as e-wallet may offer instant transactions but the downside may lie in the fees as well as limitations. Many players prefer to use an institution they can walk into, feel physical documents and speak directly to the manager if there are any queries.

Our Top Recommended Wire Transfer Casinos

300% up to $6,000
1-5 days Payout
Win Rate


Are wire transfers safer than other payment methods?

While banks do run on a highly secure system, the same can be said for any other payment processor. The amount of security would be the same even on your mobile device.

Can I use my own bank details in another country?

This will have to be checked with your bank as well as the payment options allowed in that region.

Are wire transfers the best option?

There is really no need to choose wire transfer as this is an option among many others. Choosing what makes sense is a sound way of confidently using the correct payment method. What is most important to any online player is that the service does exactly what was offered which builds trust and character.

What can I gain from using wire transfer?

Wire transfers can be traced back to your physical bank. All records since your first transaction are stored safely and can be accessed by you if needed. Besides the low fees and decent transaction times, wire transfer has a good middle ground compared to the competition.

Are there any special requirements to use wire transfer?

Using this service means that you would need to have a bank account. Even if you have an existing account, you could decide to use a separate bank account out of personal preference. Once you are comfortable with the setup, speak to a consultant at your bank to get the most out of wire transfer.

Would I always need to input my details to do wire transfer?

All information entered will stay stored securely on your account unless changed. Making any amendments on your account could create a conflict with your current bank details. This is why it is imperative to check details entered before proceeding  with a bank transfer or withdrawal.

Are there any loyalty bonuses associated with wire transfer payment methods?

Yes. Casinos come in all shapes with many different features and bonuses. Some offer time limited specials that can only be gained from using a specific payment option.

Does the casino affect the fees besides wire transfer?

Casinos do make their markup on admin operations, this can be seen as a percentage taken from the initial amount deposited/withdrawn. Once again, there are exceptions such as lower fees and even no fees!

Are there any negative attributes to using wire transfer?

Support can only spread among banks that are compatible. If you really like wire transfer but live in a country that does not support it, keep your chin up as there are plenty of other methods that work just as well.

If a casino supports wire transfer, does that make it legit?

Be careful not to fall into any of the casino sites found on our blacklist. Poor quality features, lackluster security and an unmotivated support team will leave you high and dry.

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