Pending Period (Reverse Time)

When you request a withdrawal from an online casino there will almost certainly always be a pending period. This is also called reverse time, as you can, within this pending period, cancel your withdrawal and get the money put back into your casino account. Many players think that this pending period is there to make them reverse their withdrawal, and keep on playing, but this is actually not the case, at least, not at the serious casinos.

Processing your withdrawal

What the pending period really is, is the time from when you request the cash-out to when the casino has approved your withdrawal. Most casinos process withdrawals manually, and your request will end up in a queue along with all other payouts waiting to be processed. How long this queue is, and how long it will take before they get to your cash-out will greatly vary. This can depend on how busy they are, as some days and times are busier than others, and what kind of routines and man power casinos have for this. Everything between 1 and 24 hours are considered normal.

Pending verification

One of the reasons your withdrawal can be stuck in the pending period for a long time is if the casino has requested documents from you. If they need to verify your account, no withdrawals can be approved or processed before they get what they have asked for, so it’s up to you to send in what has been requested, so they can proceed with your payment. If you don’t send in what they have asked for within the time limit given, your funds will be returned to your casino account, and you’ll have to request a new withdrawal and send in the verification documents needed.

Reversing your withdrawal

At most casinos you have the option to stop the payout during the pending period, and in that way reverse it so the funds end up in your playing account again. This is done by simply cancelling the withdrawal request. For players with a low level of self control, or a gambling addiction, this might seem very tempting, and quite some players end up gambling away and losing all of the winnings they were supposed to withdraw.

As this is tempting for a lot of players, some casinos have chosen to add a function to the withdrawals that prohibits a player from actually reversing the payment, meaning you can’t stop it, and neither can the casino. The withdrawal will then go through, unless it gets denied by the casino for other reasons. Reasons for this can be that they are waiting for verification documents from you, or because they need you to request the withdrawal to a different payment method. If you are one of the many players who often end up reversing your withdrawal then looking for a casino with this function in place can be well worth your while.

Even though most casinos don’t have a pending period that is longer than what is necessary to actually have time to approve the withdrawal, there are some that do. Some casinos never process a withdrawal before it has been pending for some hours or even a full day. Needless to say these casinos are not among the best in the online casino industry.

Automatic withdrawals

Since the pending period is mostly there to make it possible for a casino to have time to approve your withdrawal, you can greatly decrease this time period by choosing a casino which offers automatic withdrawals. To be able to get your withdrawals approved automatically without needing someone to manually process them, you’ll need to follow some rules. The most common ones are; your account needs to be fully verified, the withdrawal must go back to the same payment method as the deposit came from, the money can’t come from a converted bonus, and there can’t be any mixing of funds in the account, meaning the winnings can’t come from more than one payment method.

In addition to all of that there can also be other specific rules set by the casino, as this is not something they have to offer, but they can if they want to. Of course they also have to have the programs in place to be able to handle this. Thus, it’s mostly the biggest casinos that offer this to select players.

Just because a casino offers automatic withdrawals, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get your payment approved as soon as you request it, as there can still be a short pending period. This, however, is usually not more than 1 hour, and it is just a security feature put in place so the casino has time to stop any withdrawals if something happens to go wrong with their systems.

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