PlayTech in Partnership with RGC to Improve iGaming Industry

There’s no doubt it, addiction comes in many different forms. Equally, as serious as drug and food addiction is gambling which brings along with it health, wealth, and social afflictions. In the light of this growing concern, PlayTech and the Responsible Gambling Council for Canada, have decided to join forces in an attempt to assist gamblers and their families in dealing with this particular form of addiction.

PlayTech, based in London, is a company that develops gambling software, with the main objective of adding the RGC specifically, in the fight against the abuse of the gambling practice. As rewarding as it can be, the detrimental effects it can also impose on families are devastating, to say the least.

The Process

The partnership between these two leaders in the field of gambling and technology is aimed at creating a safer and more sustainable environment for service providers as well as their patrons. By using artificial intelligence, the company is homing in on gamblers who exhibit traits of struggling with their addictions and will then develop strategies to assist them where possible, based on their specific risk profiles. This procedure in conjunction. Will assist, with results and processes put in place after establishing the best way forward.

Expected Outcomes

Janine Robinson, Director of RGC, believes that the consumer's mental health, which is being influenced by technology, could be protected, if the user is more familiar with how to gamble, responsibly. The Canadian gambling council's 35 years of experience in working together with other organisations, to improve the overall gambling experience as well as the player's well-being, will benefit the industry if implemented and understood. The collaboration and availability of these products are hoped to aid and develop healthier gambling and mental wellbeing.

Educating and Supporting Strategy

The RGC is a non-profit organisation, in Canada, established to provide gamblers, with the necessary balance, to allow for maximum enjoyment, with a lower risk of overspending and subsequently, becoming an addict. The union between these organisations is directed at adding to the worldwide research and contribution to assist gamblers who have addictive natures and also to educate and assist with the initiative to achieve sustainable success. Once this strategy is understood and practiced, the results will be of mutual benefit to both the users and the entire gambling industry alike. Giving the customer a safer and more entertaining service.

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