Posting Guidelines

Personal experience

Here at CasinoTop, we love to hear about your personal experiences with online casinos. It’s very important, however, that you only give your actual views and not something you’ve seen or heard second hand, from somewhere or someone else. The whole point of posting guidelines on our page is for us to hear about each person’s individual story so that it can be of help to other gamblers.


We expect to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to comments, and we hope the good comments will far outweigh the bad ones. But even though we try our utmost to make our customers happy, we’re only human. Therefore we hope to learn from our mistakes and hearing about your negative experiences helps us do just that. It is, however, counterproductive for people to launch into a scathing attack on a casino without any logical arguments or proof that we can assess and follow up on. If you do want to complain about something then we invite you to do so on our CasinoTop complaints page.


Having the facts to back up your opinions is also very important. When you make a comment, whether it’s positive or not, we’d like to know why, so if you tell us, “this casino is crap”, it’s not really of much value unless we know why.


We invite you to give us updates on certain comments you’ve made after a relevant period of time has passed. In fact, it’s good to know if your opinion has changed or you have more to add, however, it doesn’t make any sense to post several comments about the same subject within a short space of time.


We’d like to ask that those of you that post comments do so with some regard for the readers. It’s helpful if you could check for spelling, punctuation and meaning. Most people will not bother to read it if it’s just a lot of jumbled text.

Caps lock

We know that you may occasionally be angry and want to stress something, but using caps lock to emphasize the point won’t get the message across any better than just using regular typing.

Conflict of interest

Please be aware that if you are in some way connected to anyone that works at the casino, for example, a relative or close friend of a casino employee, a casino representatives etc, you are not allowed to comment on this page. We advertise this space as being completely honest, objective and unbiased, so please respect this and do not ask registered casino customers to comment on your behalf either.


It’s always best to keep your personal information confidential when posting a comment. Anyone and everyone has access to the information here, so in the interest of yours, and other people's privacy and safety, do not include full names, phone numbers, email addresses, bank or credit card details.


Finally, we ask that you keep all your comments free from plagiarism, which means we’d like you to use your own words and ideas when writing your reviews. After-all we’re much more interested in what you have to say than anyone else.