Privacy Policy

At CasinoTop (Hereby otherwise referred to as “Us”, “We” or “The Company”) we take on the highest level of commitment and respect for your privacy and the security that it is duly required to maintain it. This is achieved in partnership with our parent company Value Marketing Ltd.

As such, we have detailed below the processes and procedures in which we maintain your privacy and how your data and information are managed when browsing the CasinoTop website; whose intention is to provide you with relevant information with regards to online casino sites, games and news. You are welcome to direct any questions to:

It is highly recommended that you make yourself familiar with our Privacy Policy, so that you can be properly informed of your rights. You have the right, at any time, to contact your relevant data protection body, should you require. We do however recommend that you contact us in the first instance for any concerns. Our Privacy Policy covers:

  • What Information is Collected
  • Cookies
  • How is the Collected Information Used
  • Procedures on Information Sharing
  • Information Safeguards
  • Information Retention
  • Regarding Minors
  • Our Contact Information

What Information is Collected

The first and most predominant type of information collected is classed as un-identifiable and non-identifiable information, which is in regards to information that is made available or collected through user interaction with the website services. This is also referred to as Non-Personal Information, as no direct identifiers can be drawn in connection to the data and the user.

Technical Information relayed via your device, used to browse with, is collected via analytical cookies on a third party basis, in order to ensure optimal user experiences and accessibility. This technical information largely includes, but may not be limited to; your device’s software and hardware specifications, such as the type of operating system, browser type, languages settings, access time and time spent, as well as the originating domain name from which you reached a particular service of ours.

Other such information collected are in regards to your use of the website’s services, which includes actions, clicks, pages visited and the amount and time spent doing such. This is done strictly for analytical purposes, which is ultimately to achieve a broader understanding of user interactivity with our site and services.

This aggregated information is collected and immediately holds the quality of anonymity making it impossible for it to solely identify you as an individual. Any disclosure of said anonymized and/or aggregated information does not retain any restrictions made by this specific Privacy Policy and therefore may be shared to others for any purpose and without constraint or limitation within the applicable laws and legislation.

An entirely separate type of information to all of the above mentioned is with regards to Personal Information. This refers to information that can, on its own or within reason, identify you as an individual. This information is, generally speaking, manually given to you by us and can include, but is not limited to; your email address for any newsletter subscription, any personal information provided when commenting on our site or when using our customer support services, such as name, address and any other relevant information needed to help you with your inquiries. This will all be dependant on the level of information provided by you, as well as the nature of the correspondence in question.

Hardware and software information may also be classed as personal information, such as specific device information and IP address.

When non-personal information is combined with personal information, the resulting information will be classed as personal information and will be treated as such until such a time where they may no longer be combined with one another.


Web based cookies and other such technology and processes of gathering, storing and tracking online analysis data are used during your time with our site and services.

Cookies are imprints of your web browsing data, stored on your device’s hard drive and recalled by your web browser when visiting and revisiting an individual website. Each website can have its own set of cookies unique to said site. Ours and our partner’s use of cookies varies in purpose, but is ultimately there to provide you with a better and more personalised experience overall. These purposes include, but are not limited to; saving your website preferences, automation of features and adopting more efficient routines between you and our services.

We employ a variety of different cookies on our website of which there are; session cookies, persistent cookies and third party cookies. (1) Session Cookies are temporary data pieces that are stored during your browsing session and then promptly deleted upon the conclusion of your session. These are required in order to normalise your on-site experience. (2) Persistent Cookies are stored on your device for a limited period of time and are used by our website on a read-only basis, to recognise you on recurring visits to our site. These cookies differ from Session Cookies by not being deleted upon the closure of your web browser. (3) Third Party Cookies are operated by third party analytical organisations, whose purpose is to survey and analyse your access and interaction with our website. The 3rd parties include Google and VWO

The addition of our website’s cookies is to enable an increased level of accessibility and service. However, you have the possibility to remove cookies via your web browser, instructions of which should be offered by your chosen browser. Please note that disabling cookies may have an adverse effect on your browsing experience, as this can lead to certain features and functions of our site to become inoperable or limited in their use.

As well as cookies, our website may use certain widgets, beacons and other additional pieces of non-personal information gathering technologies. These are intended to allow us to collect further statistically aggregate data about your use of our site and services with the intention of improving your overall experience with us. Such employed technologies will most commonly be operated through third party agencies, who provide analytical and diagnostic tools and services, which are to be used to craft a more a more personalised experience for you as a user.

How is the Collected Information Used

Including the above mentioned, our Privacy Policy also entails the manner in which information is collected, as well as what the information is used for. Generally speaking, gathered information is used to better our service and site, while still maintaining a high level of respect and relevance towards why we collect it. Reasons for such include:

  • To enhance our service capabilities, in for example the enablement of you to post and share user created content, comments and other inputs.
  • To enable an open dialogue between us and you the user, in such regards as; alerts, updates and newsletters, as well as any queries or concerns you may have, which would require further communication in order to cooperate on.
  • To provide supportive and troubleshooting capabilities for our services.
  • To procure information pertinent to our growth as a business with you in mind.

Non-Personal information is analysed for the purposes of:

  • Forming collective data used for analysis of overall user preferences and needs, to ensure that our vision matches that of our users.
  • Implementation and testing of new additions and features to our services in the least invasive manner possible

Procedures on Information Sharing

With the exception of what is stated within this Privacy Policy, we in no way transact, sell or share your Personal Information in any manner. Keeping in mind of previously listed reasons, the below points describe the circumstances in which we may communicate your Personal Information to third parties such as:

  • Other companies within the umbrella of our parent company.
  • Third party analytical companies such as those described in the above ‘Cookies’ section. This is in relation to non-identifiable personal information and is anonymised based on the IP addresses of those visiting the site from within the EEA (European Economic Area). Other third parties may include marketing services and platforms that enable us to mass communicate via email or newsletter or any other communication method that may be adopted within our services.
  • Third parties who bear relevance to any corporate restructuring, which includes the acquisition, merger or sale of the company and any instance requiring disclosure to any eventual or expecting purchaser or merging partner within this context.
  • Third party marketing platform providers that facilitate the fulcrum of website stability and performance.

We conduct the utmost due diligence, to the extent of our capabilities, with regards to ensuring that any third parties that we cooperate with also have their own processes, procedures and sufficient priorities with regards to the protection of your personal information. Any personal information that we disclose to any third parties are by no accounts permissible to be used for the third party’s own intentions.

Furthermore, any additional disclosure of your personal information may be required in instances where compliance will be necessary in achieving: (1) concessions to any regional or international regulatory and legal requirements, as well as any due process or governmental requirements within these regards. (2) assistance towards any part of the investigative processes required to detect, intervene or any other formative action in any suspected illegal, fraudulent or security compromising activities. (3) our legal rights to a defence against any relevant legal claims. (4) countermeasures against any compromises to property, security or safety of us, users and third parties. (5) effective collaboration with law enforcement agencies.

Collection of Information by Third Parties

It is important to note that the details listed throughout this privacy policy does not account for those of any third party sites, services, platforms or any other applications. This accounts for any third party that is directly affiliated with our own site and services. As such it is recommended that you visit the third party in question for their own privacy policy.

Continued use of our website and services constitutes an acknowledgement and responsibility for any and all potential risks that may arise from such third parties.

Information Safeguards

We endeavour to provide unconditional implementation of security and safeguards when it comes to your information and the relation with our services that it may have. As such industry and legislative standards are ensured throughout our facilitation of our services and the prevention of any misuse in these regards, including the use of a Secure Socket Layer structure.

  • As our site and services are based on international operations, it may be required to transfer personal information to regions outside of your locality, where data protection laws may differ. In instances where these laws may be lacking, we will endeavour to provide a minimum of what the European Union’s (CasinoTop’s locality) comprehensive regulations require when it comes to the protection of your personal information.

Which entails the following:

  • In the instances of cooperating with service providers, contractual agreements will be established that maintain the approval of the European Commission, thereby affording users the same protection as those within the European Union.
  • Personal information will only be disclosed, in the above mentioned conditions, to those regions that the European commission has ruled as at least adequate in the handling and protection of personal information.
  • The prerequisite of a signed Privacy Shield agreement is required by any US based service providers before personal information can be disclosed. This enables the provision of similar protections with regards to the transference of data between the US and Europe.

If you have any concerns that your information or privacy has not been afforded the correct due diligence with regards to our privacy policy, or if you suspect any misconduct or exploitation to our policies or services have taken place, please write to us at

Safeguards and responsive procedures have been implemented into our services, should there be any breach of personal information. In legal accordances, relevant regulatory bodies and those affected by any such breach will be contacted immediately upon detection.

Information Retention

It is important to recognise and appreciate the fact that you, as a user, has the right to request any necessary amendments to your personal information stored with us. You can do so by emailing us at: so that any inaccuracies or erasure requests can be actioned. Please note that any erasure request will be limited by any legal requirements we may have, with regards to storing certain pieces of data for potential investigative purposes.

Unless otherwise requested by you, our retention of your information will extend to fullest allowed by our information retention policy and the accordance of the law. You are free to request our retention policy, should you wish. The retention of your personal information is based on volumetrics covering the nature, acuteness and quantity of the information gathered, as well as any risks that may be involved in unauthorised usage or transmittance of said personal information. This also extends to the purposes of retaining the personal information in question, whether it is the sole means of extracting its required purposes and any legislative provisions that must be taken into account regarding all of the above mentioned. Any notification of errors and inaccuracies of your information will be actioned upon.

CasinoTop affords you the right to the following personal information requests:

  • Access to your personal data
  • Correction of your personal data
  • Erasure of your personal data
  • Transfer of your personal data
  • Restriction of processing your personal data
  • As well as the right to withdraw consent
  • And an objection to the processing of your personal data

Corporate Restructuring

Should the company come under corporate restructuring, which includes, but is not limited to: the complete or majority sale of the company, as well as any merging, consolidation or transfer of any assets; will thereby lead to the assumption of any obligations towards the acquiring body or transferee with regards to the descriptions and responsibilities outlined within this privacy policy.

Regarding Minors

The use of our website and services are strictly forbidden for those under the age of 18 years old. You are not to use any of the services provided by us, should you be under the age of 18.

CasinoTop reserves the right to access and verify collected personal information and will thereby dispose of any information that we have found to be supplied by any user who is under 18 years old or was under 18 at the time of submission. Should you have harbour any suspicion or have any claim towards another user being under 18 years old, please let us know by writing to:

Updates to our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may come under revision or be amended upon every once in a while. Any addendums made to this policy will be communicated to our users, highlighting the list of changes made. The most current version will always be available directly from our website.

Response Times

Our response times to any requests you make with regards to our privacy will be sought to be actioned upon, within one month of your initial correspondence. We will however inform you, if your request is of such a nature to require any longer than one month of investigational and processing time. Also note that your rights and any requests made from such rights are gratis, as per our services, under the reservation that any request you make is not found to be excessive, groundless or repetitive. We strive to keep you updated, no matter what the results of your request may be.

Our Contact Information

If you are ever unsure, have any questions or concerns about any of the information provided within this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at any time at Further information about us can also be found on our Contact Page.