CasinoTop Responsible Gambling Policy

CasinoTop is a provider of gambling and gaming information. As such, CasinoTop (defined as “the Company” in the agreement) promotes and advocates for responsible gambling practices, assistance and education. The company has committed to encouraging all players (or “consumers”) who make use of its services to and information to gamble responsibly.

As such, the company wishes to express its sincere hope that all players will enjoy gambling but in a responsible and safe manner.


The Legal Gambling Age

CasinoTop implores all potential gamblers to check the local laws of the jurisdiction where they reside to confirm the legal gambling age and understand what constitutes as underage gambling activities. In the majority of regions, people who are of legal gambling and gaming age are those who are 18 years old and above. However, there are regions where this general legal gambling age will differ and the law could require you to be at least 21 years old or above to engage in lawful gambling activities.

If you meet the minimum requirement for legal gambling in your jurisdiction and reside with minors, or those under the legal gambling age, ensure that you have put measures in place to prevent those who are underage from accessing your gambling accounts. Do not leave minors or those who are not of legal gambling age unattended near your gaming device when the casino site is open.

There are several third party applications and/or software that can be installed to monitor and restrict internet access in your home. Making use of these tools will ensure that underage gambling cannot take place in your home. Below are some of the best tools for restricting and monitoring internet access:

Net Nanny

Responsible Gambling

Have you ever suffered a loss while gambling and found yourself angrily considering all the ways you could win your money back? Instead of plotting how to enact these dangerous ideas, remove yourself from the situation for a while and consider whether you are displaying healthy gambling habits or not.

Gambling Responsibly

If you want to gamble in a responsible way, keep the following in mind:

Gambling is a recreational activity that should not be seen as a way to quickly earn money, pay off your debts or pay for your needs.
Never wager more money that you would be comfortable losing.
If you happen to lose, never chase your losses.
Gambling is not a means to earn a living. Statistically speaking, gamblers lose more money than they make.
Never gamble with money that should be used to pay for your rent, food, daily needs or bills.
Set limits for yourself. Either set a monetary limit or a time limit to ensure that you are gambling in a way that is comfortable for you. Once you have created definite limits for yourself, consistently stick to them and develop a healthy habit.

If you are subscribed to horoscope websites or pages, do not allow these aspects to dictate your gambling activities. If you are wondering if your luck is better on one day than another, keep in mind that gambling outcomes will always come down to chance and probability whereas horoscopes do not have any data to support these predictions.

How to Stop Gambling

Most people who have gambling problems usually only become aware of their addiction or unhealthy behaviours when they have made a huge impact. Avoiding this outcome is possible if you choose an online casino site that has included safety measures such as:

Deposit Limit

This feature allows you to choose a maximum deposit amount and won’t allow you to exceed the amount you have chosen. You can set your limit to work daily, weekly, annually or even monthly.

Cool-off Period

If you are trying to correct unhealthy behaviours, your online casino site should offer you a cooling-off period. This will allow you to apply a restriction on your gambling account where you will be forced to pay-to-play for a designated time.

Profit and Loss Graph

This graph should be provided by your online casino site and will show you how much you have managed to make versus how much you have lost. If you notice that you have lost far more than you have made, take a break.

Reality Checks

This function allows you to set a reminder for specific intervals that will pop up while you are logged into your casino site. The pop-up will ask you if you are still playing and is a good way to keep track of your time limit.


Online casino sites will offer self-exclusion abilities to players who would like to take a break from gambling for a specific amount of time. If you opt for this function, you will not be sent any information or advertisements from your casino operator until the time has lapsed.


All online casino gambling sites should provide you with information on problem gambling. There is usually an entire page dedicated to the topic, complete with guidelines, risky behaviours, advice and contact details for support groups and services.

Psychiatry experts who specialize in addictions have recommended several self-help strategies that will help you curb your urges when you feel out of control.

Don’t give into your urge as soon as it comes on and try to postpone the gratification as long as you possibly can. In some cases, the urge will pass and you will no longer need to gamble.
Seek support and assistance from a family member, friend, professional of support group
Before you gamble, be honest with yourself about how it will affect your finances, mental state and emotional health when all is said and done.
Try to participate in other hobbies that you enjoy that can be done with others.

The Financial Aspect of Gambling

One of the most frequently asked questions these days is how much players can win before they are required to pay taxes to their local governments. There is no set answer to this question as it will vary from country to the next. For example:

In the USA, 25% of a players winnings will be taken as tax on gambling income and applies to all forms of legal gambling in the country
In Canada, the government will not tax your winnings but will be eligible to receive a percentage of your funds if you earned interest on your winnings.
In the UK, players are not required to pay taxes on their winnings, nor do they have to declare anything.

One of the aspects of gambling tax that many players are unaware of is gambling losses. You will need to prove that you have sustained losses to hold onto some of your money. If you are keen to find out how to go about filing this report, contact your local taxation department.

The Signs of Gambling Addiction and How to Help

We realise that one of the biggest problems that gambling addicts have is that they are oblivious to their behaviour or are in denial. Before you seek help or attempt to enlighten a loved one who could be in trouble, take a look at the following signs:

Problem gamblers often lie about their success or extend of their gambling activities
You or your loved one use gambling as an emotional crutch when you are upset, sad or feeling trapped.
You or your loved one has borrowed or stole money to fund gambling habits.
Gambling habits have started to have a negative effect on you or your loved one’s relationships
Problem gamblers often resort to gambling to try and solve their financial issues
If you or your loved one run out of money to gamble with, is there an overwhelming urge to get more money to continue gambling?
You or your loved one often lie about how much money and time has been spent on gambling
Problem gamblers will try to win back their losses by taking unnecessary risks.
You or your loved one is constantly thinking about gambling
You or your loved one have had to rely on others financially to fund gambling activities or pay debts.

When it comes to problem gambling, recognising the problem is vital to the final recovery. The next step would be to seek professional help or get in contact with your local support group. Kicking this addiction could take some time and could require you to attend a combination of group sessions and one-on-one sessions with a trained professional.


Problem Gambling Services

If you or any of your loved ones are exhibiting concerning gambling behaviours, be sure to seek professional help from your local gambling support groups or a trained professional. Depending on where you live, you can make use of the following problem gambling assistance groups:

NHS Problem Gambling Help
UK Gambling Commission Advice
Gamblers Anonymous
Gambling Therapy
National Council on Problem Gambling

Legal Compliance

CasinoTop implores our readers and players to be aware that our services are only intended for use in jurisdictions where gambling is legal.

Before attempting to gamble online, ensure that the laws in your country permit online gambling activities. If it is prohibited in your region, please refrain from using our site and related services, as well as any other service we refer to, as it is illegal to do so.