The Truth Behind Online Casinos

The online gambling phenomenon took the world by storm and has gained momentum ever since the first online casino was launched. Online casinos are now enjoyed by people the world over. The world of online casinos comes with advantages and disadvantages but here at CasinoTop we are focused on the facts and bringing that information to our readers. Gambling is an activity that is meant for enjoyment and entertainment and we believe that is how it should remain.

The online gambling industry is set to be worth approximately $92 billion around the world, if not more. The momentum has not stopped and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Our team of experts have put together a helpful guide to help you navigate the online casino landscape and to be more informed when participating. Winning or losing, the fun online casino games have to offer is what should always be a priority.

Welcome Bonuses

The most attractive offer from any online casino has to be the welcome bonus. Any reputable online casino will have a welcome offer for any new player. If not, then it’s likely that the online casino will not last long in the competitive world of online gambling. It is the best way for operators to gain new customers and for customers to explore the online casino with minimal risk.

It all sounds amazing, because players will get free access to real-money casino games and have the opportunity to turn free money into real-money winnings. However, this will only be possible by meeting certain requirements. Every welcome bonus will come with wagering requirements and these will differ between online casinos. Here is how a welcome bonus and its wagering requirements actually work and will help you manage your expectations.

How Welcome Bonuses Work

Below, you will see an example of what you will find when you access a new online casino. Remember, welcome bonuses differ from one another and what we have here is just a generic example. Check it out and find out if this offer could work for you.

All the information you need is displayed and if you accept and claim the offer, we’re going to have a deeper look into what is expected from you as the player. It also has information as to what you will receive and how to run through wagering requirements the easiest way. Let’s take a further look:


Deposit Money into your Online Casino Account

Most online casinos will offer a match deposit bonus where the amount you deposit will be returned to you in bonus funds. So, if you were to deposit $100 and the match deposit is 100%, then you will have $200 to play with. However, not all that money can get you real-money prizes.


Wagering Requirements

Before claiming a bonus, check the wagering requirements and read through them thoroughly. In our example, the wagering requirement is set at 40x. That is 40 times your initial deposit, which means that your bonus funds need to be wagered more than 40 times if you want to see real money winnings. That means that only after $4,000 has been played, will the bonus cash turn into real money.


Time Constraints

Be sure to take note of how much time you have to use the bonus you claimed. So, if your bonus cash needs to be wagered 40x, it needs to be done within the set amount of time, which could be two weeks or even a month.



The return to player percentage determines what a player has the chance to win when playing. If you bet $10 then the house will stand a chance to keep $0.3 and the player has a chance of winning $0.97.


Game Contribution

When you check the bonus terms and conditions, it should state which types of casino games will contribute to your wagering requirements. It is usually represented by a percentage and online slots are usually the game that contributes 100%. It is a game of pure chance where the rules of the game are simple and consistent.


Not Really a Bonus

If all goes according to the 97% RTP then with a total of $100 and the wagering requirement of 40x then it will accumulate to $3,340. However, bets can differ and wins and losses may be different as well. There is a chance that the bonus cash will be spent and the wagering requirements will never be met.

Consider the Following

It is all up to you whether you choose to use a bonus or not. It is also your decision which welcome bonus to choose from.

Can you afford to lose your first deposit without a return on your investment?
Do you have the time to work through your wagering requirements in the given time?
Are your preferred games contributing significantly to your wagering requirements?
Have you read and understood the bonus terms and conditions? Having all the information you need will help you adjust your expectations and avoid disappointment if it ever comes to that.

Online Casino FAQs

Myths and misinformation is something that spreads like wildfire on the internet. So, when it comes to learning more about online casinos, there is information that needs to be vetted before it can be trusted. Our team of experts have tried to answer a few common questions related to the safety of online casinos and misinformation we have found online.

Is online gambling legal?

It is legal depending on your location. Players need to find out more about what the laws of their country, province or state entail. We have found that most countries do allow online gambling in different forms, but they often come with restrictions. The most common restriction is that the company that offers gambling services online, must not be based in the country and must have its headquarters offshore.

Are online gambling sites rigged?

This might be the biggest concern for any online casino player. It is also an issue that comes up often because there are no face to face interactions with anyone at the online casino and these websites are usually regulated by international gaming authorities.

Just like any business, online casinos still need to make a profit. That is where the house edge comes in. The RTP for any online casino will never be 100%, as part of your bet will go toward the online casino’s profit. However, online casinos will always have a lower house edge than land-based casinos. Along with that, a reputable online casino will be regulated by international gaming authorities that have been regulating the market for a long time and have high standards to ensure that gambling offers players and businesses an opportunity to benefit.

There are untrustworthy online casinos out there. So, players are encouraged to do their research and find out about security, licensing, regulation, independent auditing and more. Find websites that offer advice for when you decide to find an online casino, like CasinoTop.

Can I be banned from an online casino for winning too much?

No. However, it does depend on how you are playing the games. Online casinos will state that they do have the right to investigate if they suspect fraudulent activity, withhold payment of winnings or even ban a player from the online casino.

This only applies if you have something to hide. If you are following the rules and there is nothing to suspect, the withdrawal of your winnings may be postponed, but will eventually be paid out by the online casino. It is a business and these operators need to safeguard their business and reputation as well.

Are there strategies for being an expert at online slots?

There are online resources that claim there are strategies available for playing online slots. However, the reality is that online slots are completely random, just like the slot machines found in a land-based casino. The reels are run with software called random number generators or RNGs which ensure that every spin of the reels will be random with no outside influences. The best and probably the only thing to do is try to find the free version of the online slot that you like and get used to the different features of the game so you know what to expect when you are playing for real money.

Can players use card counting at online casinos?

No. Thanks to the random number generators or RNGs that are used. These are used in table games as well. The deck doesn’t get shuffled in real life, between each hand, but online it does. So, there won’t be an opportunity to track what is being played when the cards are being rearranged at regular intervals. This also ensures that all players have equal chances of winning or losing.

Game Contributions Explained

This ties into the bonuses received from the online casino. It can apply to the welcome bonus or any other promotions that the online casino has on offer. The terms and conditions of the bonus will display which games contribute to the completion of your wagering requirements. In most cases, online slots will contribute 100% of the time.

For casinos to make a bigger profit, players that lose more often or who lose more are more beneficial. So, the games that contribute to your wagering requirements are games that are more based on luck. For example, the outcome of a poker game can be influenced by many factors while slots are random each time. A more random game offers the online casino more control in terms of managing losses to the house. While online slots will contribute 100% to achieving your bonus wagering requirements, a game such as poker could contribute about 5% or not at all at some online casinos.

Luck vs. Skill in Online Casino Games

At its core, all gambling games are based on chance, but some casino games will demand more attention to detail. Games of skill require that players use different methods of play to influence the results, while still relying on luck. Luck will always play a role in any gambling game, but there are ways to improve your odds when it comes to games of skill.

Games that require less attention from the player are usually games such as online slots where you spin the reels and wait for the outcome. There are no strategies, complications or thoughts that need to go into playing. These are the games that rely on luck for their outcome. Your experience as to how much you will need to depend on luck versus skill will depend on the type of casino games you enjoy.

Here is a spectrum based on some casino games that show which level of luck or skill is required when choosing online casinos games. However, you must remember that luck is never out of the equation.

Guidance from a Recovering Gambling Addict

Getting help from a professional if you are experiencing difficulty with managing your gambling habits can be beneficial. However, hearing what other players that have gone through the process of recovery might give players a better view of what happened, how it happened and what can realistically be done to recover. Catherine Townsend-Lyon is a recovering gambling addict and has pushed herself to provide information and support to other gamblers. She was asked a few questions and answered honestly regarding her gambling journey in the hopes that it could help someone else suffering from the negative effects of gambling.

When did you start gambling?
It was something that she did as a recreational activity with her friends. It started as something that was just for fun and eventually, it became something she relied on. She would go to the casino whenever there was free time and the activity was used to block out grief and trauma.
When did gambling start to become a problem?
She started gambling more often and increasing the stakes as well. Lies were told to loved ones about how her time was spent when she missed work, family gatherings and even doctor’s appointments. This continued for a while and she attempted suicide in 2002 after which she had he first stay at an addiction Crisis Center.
What were the negative effects of gambling for you?
She hid many things from her husband. These included loans, new credit cards and even selling things of value for a deposit at the casino. The anxiety and constant stress drove friends out of her life and even ended up costing her jobs as she argued with her colleagues. The emotions resulting from gambling also resulted in two attempted suicides.
How was your gambling addiction overcome?
The second suicide attempt took place in 2006 and she was admitted to the addiction Crisis Centre again. This is where and when she realised that she was unable to control her gambling habits and gamble responsibly. So much so, that it was affecting her quality of life and even resulting in potential loss of life.

At the crisis centre, she stayed for 30 days and then transitioned to outpatient treatment. The latter went on for six months and thereafter she attended regular Gamblers Anonymous meetings in the years that followed. Furthermore, she also sought out and engaged in therapy to uncover what triggered the irresponsible gambling habits and took it day by day. Another key aspect to her overall recovery was writing about her experience and helping others that may be going through the same issues.
What advice is there for someone who may be struggling as you did?
Speak about your issues and assess whether or not you have a problem with gambling responsibly. There is help available and many gambling resources that can help you live a more productive and responsible life. In her experience, she said that the best way to get rid of the addiction or the feelings that draw you to it is to refrain from gambling completely. Once you have decided to do that, it will be even easier to reach out for help.

Gambling Responsibly

The intention of gambling is for it to be fun, but we all know that anything meant to be fun can get carried away. This is especially true when it comes to gambling so you can easily get pulled into the rush that comes with real-money stakes. Make sure to do your research and find out more about the responsible gambling resources available in your region of the world. Here are also a few tips to help you along.


Play Free Games

If you are enjoying a game, but seem to be losing more than you can afford, try to find a free version of the game online. This way, you still get to enjoy the game without any risks. When you are ready and have money set aside for gambling, that would be a better time to try again.


Read and Understand the Terms and Conditions

Most trusted online casinos will have all their terms and conditions available on their website. It is long, but it has key information on what is expected from you as a player, what you can expect from the online casino and how to manage your expectations of the overall experience at an online casino. Know your limits and the online casino’s limits by equipping yourself with as much knowledge as possible.


Use the Safety Features

If the online casino has responsible gambling tools or features, then make use of them. Most online casinos now have limits you can set on deposits and withdrawals, notification settings to tell you how long you have been playing and self-exclusion options to give you a break. These settings were developed to help players maintain healthy gambling habits as often as possible.


Do your Research

Find out which responsible gambling resources are available to you before you even start gambling. So, if you or someone you know is having trouble with managing your gambling habits, you will know exactly where to go for help. Do not be quiet if you suspect that you have a gambling addiction, speak to those you love and find the support you need for your recovery.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!